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LIBER CXXI is composed of a certain rite in which the participants enter through initiation or become 'augmented' into a high grade of magick. The ritual was developed after a 'communication' I received following an Invocation of Horus on the day of the anniversary of the founding of the Abbey of Thelema in the year nineteen hundred and twenty [2nd April 2008]. It is the first instance where I was not in complete control of my actions and still wonder in disbelief at the occurrence. I believe the work to be a personal communication yet I place it here for all to see!



1. Here be the words I give – the runes of thine unalterable love!

2. Thou hast devoured the ONE-THING and the NO-THING and ALL is consecrated and concealed in the vast THING that is hereby given unto thee.

3. I shall give you of my flesh; this ye shall love long, for it is the jewel that resides in the night flame of my sacred light. I am proud to pour on thee this promise!

4. Let thy feet not rest in the slime, thou hast all in the all of thy youth.

5. The song shall redeem thee into strength, unutterable strength! This I swear!

6. Therefore, I give unto you, the Boy-King: a spark of mine divine self to weary as thou wilt; for he is the accursed spittle gathered in the cup of Ganymede’s filth and fornication.

7. There is a little mound of earth, beneath which lie the bones of thine ancestors, black with torment, for they have done terrible things!

8. Let them here remain, they have had their day and are dread and damned!

9. But sit ye on that mound and whisper – conjure the spirits into view and haunt that charnel house with reflections for ever.

10. Be not fearful of this – let fear be thine enemy, always, and let it not pass upon the heart.

11. But ye must drink as others hath drank and be blackened by the dark rites of the blood and the bone and the beautiful bewitchment of the bowel that is the song of thy ruin and thy redemption and thy rapture.

12. Distil in thy mind the sensuous sunlight that strikes silver shards into the heart and the brain. But steadfast! If thou doubtest – if the moment is forsaken and glory denied, then thy horror shall be the torment of me.

13. By the words here given shall ye invoke my passion to thunderous heights: Haud secus ac puerum spumanti semine vates lustrat; dum gaudens accipit alter aquas; sparge, precor, servis hominum rex atque deorum Juppiter omnipotens, aurea dona, tuis.

14. With wondrous eyes shall He see thee; yet not see thee, for thou art the altar, and thy sword is uplifted, thrust into the moon's hollow, vacant of sunlight and starved of its stirrings.

15. Let the Royal Lord of the Holy Sacrament lift Himself higher, yet higher, and the eye of the Divine ONE sing soft the sonorous songs of servitude; for within the song is the God of ALL-THING, and He is a secret God – terrible and judgemental upon thee!

16. Still shall the altar support the Boy-King’s flame that invokes the sun to appear in darkness; still shall the kisses burn upon thy brow.

17. In the face of thy lover there be twin warriors: let speech be broken into sighs!

18. Nor shall the fangs of thy lust that hath been long hidden, release the Holy Staff of Solomon until the sacred beetle of midnight hath had his hour! Then and only then shall the Priest descry ‘Tetelestai!’

19. Here, when the dance of death is long and your every power hath fled, dance on in thy duty – there is no delight in ghost-born joys that appear not.

20. Let this be repeated in the outermost quarters (unto these ye hath worshipped in my name).

21. But why so solemn? This is an occasion of light and thou art the light giver! Rejoice! Inhale the sweet flames of the Gods and bury thyself in the beauty of Their birth to thee!

22. And when the altar is finally extinguished; when the blossom hath blown to reveal thy rapturous fruit – the lustral water of Eden shall rain upon thee as a perfume of beauty and perfection.

23. And I offer you another of my gifts – another skin to sail thee in; another soul to spoil thy will upon and conjoin with the orbs of the heavens!

24. Hath tears entered thine eyes? Thou art truly mine, and a baptism hath been built.

25. Stillness – savour this as no other, for it is sacred!

26. Shake from the soil of old and eternity’s rich meadow is thine to work. But work hard, ay, and play! Give all in this!

27. No longer shall the weary willow cast her shade around thee, for thou art of oak.

28. Here, drink from the cup that overfloweth and share in the knowledge that is entrusted to thee through this. Be swift!

29. Next, sacrifice that which occupied the altar and let the sweet wine flow and foam upon thy lips.

30. The Gods parade thee like a tired, young pretty harlot through streets of old – painted to play thee and draw thee in. And thou goest!

31. And thou sings of the cruelty that delights thee!

32. Sing of the old flesh that stings thee, and the corpses thou hast befallen.

33. Drink! For it is of old and it is of a luminous light that thou knowest not.

34. Slay the serpent thrice upon thine altar by the Pe, the Kaph and the Devil in turn.

35. Let this be done in silence, for there is a great and secret shame in this to blaspheme Nature – pure and simple.

36. In the stirring thou hast consumed the triune of Thoth – by the Lamp, light thy way; by the sword, defend thy way and by thy Liberty let Love distinguish most among my children; with whom and where ye will!

37. Dream the long night into the oblivion of stars.

38. Sleep to the shifting of the world as it turns.

39. Depart, and fully understand thou hast tasted of the Gods and thou hast walked in mine image, ye, thou hast walked in mine image!

Received between the hours of 8 & 9 A.M. on Wednesday 2nd April 2008 E.V. London.
Following an Invocation of Horus.




Let the aspirant commence the ceremony with eleven days of Prayer, Purifications and Readings from the Holy Books:

Day the first – Liber LXI vel Causae & Liber I B vel Magi sub figura I.
Day the second – Liber VII Liberi vel Lapis Lazuli & Liber X Porta Lucis.
Day the third – Liber XVIII Trigrammaton & Liber LXV Cordis Cincti Serpente.
Day the fourth – Liber LXVI Stellae Rubaea.
Day the fifth – Liber XC Tzaddi vel Hamus Hermeticus.
Day the sixth – Liber CLVI Cheth vel Vallum Abiegni.
Day the seventh – Liber CCXXXI Arcanorum.
Day the eighth – Liber CCCLXX A’ash vel Capricorni Pneumatici.
Day the ninth – Liber CD Tau.
Day the tenth – Liber DCCCXIII Ararita.
Day the eleventh – Liber CCXX Al vel Legis.

And on the eleventh day after prayer, let the aspirant be robed and seated in further prayer for a given duration. Let him request no more than five times before sunset, and six times after sunset, to seek entrance into the Holy Tomb where sits the Priest who is also robed. Let the aspirant be denied entrance until the eleventh request, whereby he is told to enter the Tomb.

Part One
The Lesser Work of Sol

The aspirant enters the Tomb which is the Temple of the Holy Brotherhood that keeps the secret of the eleventh degree. Here the aspirant must formulate the pentagram and the hexagram [The Star Ruby Ritual & The Star Sapphire Ritual] and remain in silence until sunrise the following day.
After the Adoration of Ra, the aspirant kneels at the feet of the Priest in silence for a given duration ‘as a faun unto his father’, until the Priest strikes the Holy Bell eleven times:


The Priest, in the fragrance of Venus, hoodwinks the aspirant and at midday is given the Adoration of Athanoor.

In Manu Regis

During the first hour (1-2 p.m.) the aspirant is anointed upon the forehead by a Kiss [Nuit] and the aspirant replies by holding the Wand of the Priest to summon the God Ra-Hoor-Khuit and bring forth its power. The strokes are as the battery upon the Holy Bell, eleven times in succession, times eleven. The Solar current is discharged into the Holy Cup of Babalon, upon the altar. [This is done every hour, except that the Priest retains all further ‘bindi’ until the first part of the ceremony’s climax.]
During the second hour (2-3 p.m.) the aspirant is anointed upon the lips.
During the third hour (3-4 p.m.): the throat [Aiwaz]; during the fourth hour (4-5 p.m.): the heart [Ra-Hoor-Khuit]; during the fifth hour (5-6 p.m.): solar plexus [Therion] and the pentagram is re-formulated; during the sixth hour (6-7 p.m.): genitals [Babalon/Hadit] and the hexagram is re-formulated; during the seventh hour (7-8 p.m.): right hand.
At the given time, Adoration is made to Tum [sunset] and the aspirant is moved into speech and summons the god to visible sight through the medium of the lustral water. The aspirant prays and repeats the Holy Mantra unto the wand until the wand speaks and anoints the aspirant ordained unto the first part of the ceremony. The hoodwink is now removed.
The Mass of the Phoenix Ritual is here performed.

Part II

During the eighth hour (8-9 p.m.): anointing of left hand. During the ninth hour (9-10 p.m.): right foot; during the tenth hour (10-11 p.m.): left foot. And the Priest bids the aspirant confess all evil and scourges him in ways known by him.
At the end of the scourging the aspirant is invited to sit beside the Priest, who is still in the image of Venus/Babalon, sings unto the aspirant, an Holy Hymn of enchantment and stirs the aspirant into strength and majesty until the King is revealed:

Tu Venus orta mari venias, tu filia Patris,
Exaudi penis carmina blanda precor.
Ne sit culpa nates nobis futuisse viriles,
Sed caleat cunnus simper amore meo.

At the eleventh hour (11-12 p.m.) the aspirant is anointed upon the anus, and by the power of the Pe, doth the Priest invoke and when the gnarled god of nature is hid within the Tower, the Priest invites the aspirant unto the Holy Shrine of the Temple of Venus who is astride the aspirant as Mount Meru.

The Salutation and Enchantment

Lord, of the force of Nature, come,
Arise, awake, in me, I adore
The perfect passion and thy Kingdom,
And beauty born for evermore!
Lord, hear the soft sighs shake
Thy Universe, where sun to sun,
Stirs the soldier-soul, to take
Its will of world and devildom!
Lord, lead me to thy Light;
Let the song flow pure and true –
Cast the shadow from the night
And the vanishing vistas, blue!
Lord, my body aches and I am one
With one – which is nought.
All reason and all time has gone
With no confines to my thought!
Lord, I am lost in the glistening dew
And the waters of the Holy well
Runs ever onwards, swift to you
Under damnation’s sacred spell!

The Priest is lost in the Dance of Death upon the aspirant for strange and powerful herbs hath been invoked, and He prays upon the breast, invoking by the Pe, sacred words of enchantment. The Yod is invoked to full stature and Divine Power is given. The aspirant here passes the second part of the ceremony and Adoration is given to Keph-Ra at midnight.

Part III

The God-born, the encircled slave
Hath struck the astral bell and come
With heart poured forth to martyrdom,
To meet and mingle in the bowel of Pan!
Sweet, the elixir on thy lips
And on thy fragrant wand, drips
The wine of enchantment, the sacrament;
The love-lust glory grown to heights sublime!
I call Thee, daughter of darkness and the wand
To stir within the circle, to conquer all
And sing the sweet songs of the anus, sleep,
And thy bosom brave shall secrets keep
Unto Victory! On thy brow – thy God-name,
And thy soft tread among the vineyard
Hath crushed the soul into stars that shake
And shudder at the coming dawn and love we make!

The Solar current is used for further anointing and the Cup of Babalon which has been growing in strength these past hours is drained! After the sun at midnight, in the third and final part of the ceremony the Temples is reversed using the Inversion formula of Horus and Venus [the Priestly painted Priapus] is transformed into Horus – the enterer – thus also is the Prayer reversed and once again doth the Yod invoke in silence. For here, Horus is in the form of Menthu and the aspirant is now Nuit… eleven times are the Temples reversed in this manner and eleven times is the sacrament administered until the Temple is closed and the circle banished, yea banished!


CXXI= 121 (11x11). 121 is a perfect square.

During the reversal of the Temples in part III Nuit is invoked as two lovers in courtship. Heru-Ra-Ha – the aspirant: Hoor-Par-Kraat – the innocent babe (passive).
The Priest: Ra-Hoor-Khuit (active) – The God.
The Priest administers the Solar current as Horus the enterer and the Priest then becomes Hoor-Par-Kraat (passive) then the aspirant is R.H.K. (active) etc.

The intensity and strain of such a working has been one to cause a great spiritual bond between Master and Adept. This remains an unbroken bond of silence forged by our Father the Sun, manifest in man and sown by His warriors upon the earth!


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