Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Selected Poetry of Barry Van-Asten

Selected Poems from the collection 'Ghost Blooms':

Wych Elms

Beneath the stones, shallow hearts press
The hours into their starry margins,
And the irregular tide of time turns
The years that are passing away.

The shadows in the swept gardens shake and cease,
Winding a heart in as it repeats.
And beyond the boughs, those remembered things,
Where childhood's ghost is interposing

Its secret world: bones of Roman loneliness
Root with slow life and remain;
Signposts in the green hush, where magnolia's
Lose their language and waste away

In dumb reserve... storm's electric menace,
Winding along the lanes again,
Under the cross-hum of pylons
As the steel-ribbed sun is setting.

Wrists of ancestors make a wilderness
Under the pale beam where we wander,
And in the dark woods something dreadful sleeps,
As love careers into view and slips away.

[also from 'Body and Soul'. United Press. 2005]

Against Us

What strange apostle of wisdom comes
From the hermitage, filled with fear?
He of old pagan enchantment, drawn,
To wear the wild ways beneath his skin;
With history hidden in fingertips:
A seasoned man, forever touching
Love's last seduction...brain-stepping...

And what appalling strength is this
Glut of desire upon us bringing?
The blood-air about us ringed: we kissed
To the cycle of ceremonial sighing!

Yet there was a time once, when song
Was glad in our souls...we listened;
We heard love's language linger long,
As we mouthed the words, not comprehending
The sorrow in the songs we sung.

And beneath the West wind, the end was falling;
We sipped at moon poison and passed into nothing.
My deeds, still dark with worshipping:
I knew, in those degrees of intimacy,
With my blood-lips on your scented skin;
The death-flowers of your craft, in me,
Shall remain, monstrous and stupidly human!

[also from 'Ten of the Best'. United Press. 2013]

Blue Interlude

Frail, iridescent star
In the cosmic green of man:
She has fled our bournes and brooks now,
Too cruel to understand.

But imagine a time of not knowing;
Of seasons measured in fingernails,
Where a theatre of mistakes, unwinding,
Still dowses after death, and fails.

Where someone keeps the hours, someone
Still listens for womanhood's corrosive call,
Into a silence that leaves its listener cold,
Longing for birth tracks, and that is all.

But here, the glass tower's dreaming
Under time's hooded flow,
Where the innocense of love falls, is falling
Into a world we do not want to know.

And there, waiting at the gates of the lodge
According to her habit,
A woman wept to see us still
Defying time and not changed by it.

For my heart reflects your sadness,
And changeless - sings, but sees
No love of life, nor love for us,
Nor love of mortal things.

Yet something animal in its nature;
Something cold and magical
Is born in us, and programmed to lure
The tide of man's sorrow to worship still.

But will time beat out this tragedy
Between our souls that sigh?
Two unshaken blossoms, that
Each side of a woodland lie.

Frail, iridescent star
In the cosmic green of man:
She has fled our bournes and brooks now,
Too cruel to understand.

Dracula's Cousin

Dracula's cousin
Lives in a suburb of Birmingham,
Lisping after the severity of flesh:
His only weakness and his sole outlet.

A bachelor of modest needs
With divination roots that thread
The immemorial sleep of day
Like dancing sea-shore feet,

As faces collapse like dropped buds
Between the sunrise and the dead.
His fingers black with printer's ink
Leaves yesterday's headlines on drained necks.

But no stranger to enchantment, no,
He courses as some satellite,
Steering his blue-shadowed skin that shakes
And sinks into beauty without regret.

And in his most brilliant of moments, one finds
No hesitation, no awkward talk, none,
Just spontaneous in thought and outspoken
On things he's not seen and not done.

But it matters to him, this world of nothing,
This 'creating symbolic magic' by hand.
Yet he was nothing but dead apologies
For a world he could not understand.

[also from 'Ten of the Best'. United Press. 2013]

Something Will Be Done

I live by the power of the amulet;
Of stones and consecrated objects.
Kept in an iron place, I no longer hear
The oracle of sickness: love's undoing.

Between elbows - signs of conjuration
Performed in my anatomy.
A talisman holds you in my sphere;
A goddess in flames: love's ruin.

Let me breathe in your existence
And define the perimeters of love;
To feel the workings of your skin
And the softness of its touch.

But the plague of youthful adoration
Drifts like ribbons on the sea,
Fearful of the ocean guardian
Between the ceremonial waves again.

And I destroy myself by constellations
Where memory's a museum of my love.
We are guided by astronomical phantoms
To intermingle, blood with blood.

But my body is an almanac
Bruised by the morning sun,
And for all these crafted calculations
Something will be done.

[also from 'Ten of the Best'. United Press. 2013]

Finding Orpheus

Under love's not sleeping,
We turned our backs upon the wind
And made a picture book of symbols
From dry leaves and feathers and things that
We'd found.

And we whispered softly into bird madness
Which gave less dread of volume.

Herded like cattle over ley lines;
All night we sang sorrow's tempest is done,
Spun of the fairest years, now flown;
Flung back to a braver and radient realm
To give the death's-head force of nature form.

But a memory of love persisted
Where meanings in broader mysteries cling,
Through this simplicity, drawn
Like a dark veil over everything:

A watery voice; an echo of time's arrows
That murmurs softly from afar,
Blowing its visceral night ballads that roll
Through easeless age and what we are.

But now, a Macbeth in the heart
And a Caesar in the brain
Have given meanings to symbols, and thoughts
Are the beginnings of speech - silent again...

With the spirit's core, we erode our past
And find its obscure language dead;
As dead as the Latin word that seems
A thumping Caliban of things once said.

Still with eyes closed, we feared to look
Upon the eve of another day
Where evolution leaves us sick again.

[also from 'Ten of the Best'. United Press. 2013]

Lost Hearts

But for a shared moment, long ago...
Your voice is painful to me now;
There has been too much said and done between us
And I have shrunk from the world I used to know.

And there are no simple words, just stupid
Things that we said in the past;
Now an impossible cosmos of hurt feelings
Where two hearts had won and lost.

But it's awful how we dream, somehow,
Of sorrow's wickedness in the heart,
For I made a Pompeii of my love
And buried the whole damn lot.

And you will pass as in some dream
Where echoes of those far off days
Shall murmur, winter-thick and constantly:
Love and us remain always.

But my mammoth love was cooled by Severn
Since long before your birth, I said.
Yet still the soft voice whispered near:
Give our unbroken love delight.

And I am obsessed with dead time
And other things shall follow soon.
I do not know of love or its ways
Because of unnatural reserve, nothing evolves.

But like ancient stones we'll stand,
Labouring under some misplaced spell
That will tick us to the end of time,
Into its blue-lipped oblivion.

Something Supernatural

At twilight, I imagine her as before,
Assembled from posted fragments, gathered
Into an alphabet of her ways and more,
Until the female form is covered -

Girlhood's expanse, recurring somehow...
But her eyes only show the reach of dreams
Cutting through the hallway's glow,
Concealed by something more than she seems.

And yes, it's terrible, how she will never say
Those words I need to hear the most.
And when the feminine part inside falls away
To the flood of grim September's ghost,

I won't leave the room, instead I'll wait;
Time won't tell but time will pass,
With my lens fixed to the iron gate
To see its shadow fall across the grass.

For something supernatural keeps her near,
Where desire, dying under dream's wing
Is something sealed that our hearts' won't hear:
Too involved in ourselves to love, and ending.

Telescope Dreaming

This eye-glass on Byzantine worlds
Of our own mythological fate,
Locked upon some distant star
Like Gullivers' gulping on dead space.
A penetrating lens that strays
Beyond those satellites that sing,
To pause on the past and make
A flash in the sky our everything.
As if looking on the microscopic
Where seasons are big things unknown
To single-cell abominations
Content to let big things alone.
A distant supernova detector
Viewed by voyeurs of light years,
Where we are but an eyelash in the soup
Straining at things too far away.
But our little world of telescopes dreaming
Of space...infinite space,
Can't tell us that we're not alone
In a universe of illusion that remains
Content to let big things unknown.

[also from 'Ten of the Best'. United Press. 2013]

Spoon Bending

The house is empty and seems so cold;
Rooms are dying, winding down, all through,
Where childhood thumbled long ago.

And in seclusion, I dummy death,
With fingers touching, still content
To draw stars and circles in the air.

Here, lion-crouching or war dancing;
Test-monkey sitting and laboratory squatting,
Waiting, expectantly, as if you would come in.

Round and round, without touching
Floors and walls or appliances:
These interiors have become your Himalaya's, you said.

And in my hunchbacked morality - I hypnotise...
Corners are head-shaped and I fit in.
Both as giant and insect, table-drowning,

Wanting to hear your voice, but then
Electric socket dreaming and spoon bending
Have taken you from me once again.

There's Something There

I'm an elegant sod, a chemical savant:
We're killers in flared jeans.
We are beautiful
When we're cutting worlds in half.

We pissed through glass canons
At the moon that night.
Love was cremated in the hollows -
We're never safe to be around.

Drowning our Northern sorrows,
Stalking through the bars...
Below the surface we are far
From thinking kind things. We laugh,

And together we shuffle through our thoughts -
What has suddenly come between us?
Why this change in you and me?
But speechless, we sat and smoked in sequence.

Now, our dreams have come to nothing,
And my strategy, in its flawed process
Has collapsed by the stone steps
Where we are beautiful, once again.

Selected Poems from the collection 'Night Flowers':


It is in my mind to be
Rested, in this dark urgency...

Gnarled god of infinite beauty,
With ancient tongue, the hills awake
To nature's call and the season's duty;
To the magic and menace that you make!

And in these things we love the most,
Great beasts of boughs are lost to us.
They wear the darkness like some ghost
That rattles around the rooms of a house.

With their bulged limbs of lump and grot
Deep-twisted through the roll of land;
Green-skirted in your rooted rot:
Horror and history, grooved and grand!

Gorged on darkness, this heart finds
A terrific sadness, deep, that clings...
Death strikes where the river winds
Through a changed landscape that sings

Of experience and gnosis, of hedgerows lost;
Of pathways and barrows and Saxon slain...
To wake the sleeping sylvan ghost
And thunder over mound and hill again!

[also from 'Ten of the Best'. United Press. 2013]

This Ulysses

This angry fellowship of the heart;
This dark seasoned spell that dams
The flow of love's beauty, and fades
Beyond the enchanted reach of the stars...
And the touch of long ago, still haunts,
Like a kiss in darkness, to remain,
An echo of this constant growth
That cannot truly live or die.
O lover, my demon sigh of despair;
My noble god of limitless soul
Who sings and slumbers in the mortal brain -
Strong in spirit and arm, gentle of mind...
But in me there is some whispering dread
That keeps me at its side, always
To watch in the hollows, and handsome, hide
A memory of love on these dead lips of mine;
Dead as the passion that bloomed in youth
To look, Calypso-eyed upon love, and grow...
A love unmoved in every mood -
I go into a dream that I cannot change!

[also from 'Fact and Fantasy'. United Press. 2010]


I gazed through the half-open window
In the dimmed afternoon;
And sombre, my heart set me dreaming
As I paced from room to room.

I saw the sun-scorched lawn,
And thought: the rain will come soon.
The frogs lay screaming in a dry pond
And the cat was securing their doom!

But I'll soon send words to Natasha -
Ballads to a baleful moon...
But this house, still gripped by ghosts
Keeps my love from its first bloom!

White Nettle

I looked upon a rose, and saw
The gothic-lipped mist of evening,
Kiss each petal beneath a summer moon
In the dark time brush of the woods.

And ghosts and magic filled the air
Like cinnamon to the nose, and
Those I used to know came by
To see me standing all alone
Between moon dew and black boughs,
Tracing my shadow's outline
Amongst dogweed and wild garlic.

Yes, the woods in June were fragrant,
The oaks and the birches all stood,
Breeze-born and stupendous,
Weathered by elements and time.

But my love is a mythical witch,
Typhooning from the north;
Bound for the cruel starry gloom
And the endless abodes of night.

[also from 'Reflections'. United Press. 2010]

The Birth Of Pan

This earth calamity;
This new-born man:
Short on form, long on reason...
At the coming of the Golden Dawn
Wood whisperings reveal:
Great Pan is born!
Born into a world absorbed by war
Where darkness is thy maiden whore!
And at the fount of our man-god, take
This treacherous rot of globe and make
A Kingdom, wonderful with gold
And goat-god lust both brave and bold:
Awake! Masturbating man of old!

This piss of life;
This earthward bowel:
This token charmed from midnight foul!
Here, vomit up your history
To see the scum of Sodom pouring forth,
From the night to light this mystery;
Where loathsome is the flesh within
The sanctity of salvation's throne,
To reveal a great god, shook from dust;
His thighs thick with honey lust:
Mad, for the passion-bashed clitoris of fire
Where his seed shall flow and never tire
In the endless gash of mortal desire!

The Alien Brook

Dark continent of reeds
Where a mythical world unwinds,
Sunrise stirruped to its mystery, broad,
And the jasmine heart in decline.

An echo of time, repeats and runs
Through meadow's dwindled pulse, and blood
Booms in veins, where hornbeam and ash
Reclaim, a dead fox with its hunting claw.

Stood, as stranger, though always touched
Veiled glamour of long ago - I'll retain
A memory of this evening, between us,
Immersed in magic, sleep shall flow,

Through Tudor brain, moon-milled by woods
Beneath a bat-black oppressive sky;
Purposeless over pebbles now, its course
Meanders with antique weariness,

To sigh, where owl-haunted beauty persists
Between star and steeple - a steady pace
In blankets of twilight - the heart beats
To an ancient song, sung far away.

[also from 'Poetry in Motion'. United Press. 2010]

The Totem Elect

Under the steed breath and warlock eyes,
His granite stare lifts a Canterbury miracle
And a death... Lips like a drained lake, reveals
A winding path amidst the sunken graves...

The thump, thump of hideous thought
In gloomy gardens... violated remains
Castrated to the crack of horse hooves,
To jab like wax-work, and become
Insane at some vile ache of time.

And at the summit of imagination -
Black angry marks; a widow's tongue
Cuts like some cancer through the heart,
Snorting at pantry fever and kitchen dust.

While above the tree-tops, from a steeple
Swooped a raven, thrashing low
Over columns and pillars, to the waterside
Where it earthed with ineffable joy,
And placed itself upon a pendant.

Here it wove for a thousand years:
Dreams and domes and all things lost;
All things smothered in their prime
By twilights charging at dawns...

Some dead foetus tumbled down
From out of the summer lightning;
Performing staggering etudes
In its unsteady playing.

An idea came to me:
Why not show it life?
I'll take it to the idol room
And breathe into it, intellect!

Spring Equinox

You have looked into the dawn, my love,
To see a string of black bound pearls -
Fragments from the darkened tide
To muse upon the world!
From the windows shifting menace
A storm has come to pass...
Sometimes a terrible guardian
In the shape of Briareus;
Sometimes a sleepless wanderer
In the pallor of Saint Alastor...
Yet, the park, fresh with snowdrops
Is also as dead as you are!
And your lips, red and eager,
Spun of gossamer glass -
Do you feel the sea wind's salty
Corrosive whispers pass
Beyond the darkness, sleep of death,
Over sea-world's gleaming?
A rich meadow of love is upon us
Where stars are born of dreaming!

[also from 'Spring Vision'. United Press. 2010]

Troubled By Time

To the memory of A. E. Housman.

Born, in the year of Darwin's 'Origin',
Where secret worlds of unrest grow;
His inward lips were tenderly pressed
Over the lines of Juvenal.

His passion: silent - humanity's ache
Under the touch, lies far away...
And in the night, there is no sleep
To stamp over the angles of each day.

Words lived, yet he was dead,
Caught in a season's oblivion.
His sombre thoughts were all but lost
On boys to which the war had won!

Ballad-whistling, yet still no-one,
For he would not stay...
His spy-hole on the liturgy,
Kept like photos locked away!

Now, he is going into rooms
Where his heart lies with the dead;
His romance found in Latin graves, and
All that need be known - was said!

Not wanting to remain, no,
Our poet-scholar built a tomb -
A small wound bleeds his sex away,
To flow like wine in printing bloom.

But how could a passing flower give
Life to old bones and dust,
When sorrow thought it fit to stay
And cauterize his lust?

[also from 'Ten of the Best'. United Press. 2013]

On Hampstead Heath

Man of earth - titans and wraith stones;
Dwarfed by hornbeam, alder and ash...
Acorn jewelled moss paths, bluebells and nettles;
Dark places of anemone and dead man's rot.

Songs of grass: the honey-haunt of weeds,
Shaken in shafts as shadows darken and sink
Beneath a bridge. The lakeside strangeness
Had disappeared and seemed less strange, somehow...

The chalk bricks, white as maiden bones,
Stood weary, turned on time...
Green pools, poppy-bruised, where
The corpse of years remains...

And here, the dead where pathways cross,
Reach from roots and ground elder stems;
Hoof-thuds vanish down a winding track and
Ale exulted blood still courses through the wood.

The oaken brain, like a steel box, contains
The dream of history, grown dim and flowing
To the magic and menace of reeds by night,
And lips of twilight found me there.

[also from 'Poetry by Moonlight'. United Press. 2009]


In bygone squid-lust, it slays
Centuries; shift from eye to eye;
Slumped in the bottomless sludge,
Uncaring of the world above
Where mankind, like mayflies, die!

Devil-curst fame: its fathomed kiss
Lies like love notes on the wake;
Measureless, in its humped myth
Where its bulk of heart can evoke
A dark and ancient emptiness.

Yet, we intrude upon its sleep
To wish upon it: 'museum-death',
The prey of monster eyes, always...
Guardian of your dark reach, deep,
May the mystery of our worlds,
Never meet!

[from the collection 'Hexham Heads' 2011
and 'Ten of the Best'. United Press. 2013]

The Butterfly

O secret or symphony -
I know its heart too well;
Sweet sovereign of life's mystery,
Your silence cannot tell
What difference this is, parts you and I
Or what spirit takes you far away.

Will this love immense, never fade;
Could my heart but love you less?
I have seen your fiery wings displayed
To summer's silver light caress;
Serene, unfolds, and flits away
And blessed to live another day.

I'll say I'll seek its beauty,
To hear its sealed heart sigh
Through the long, lone summer,
Wherever its soft wings lie.
And passions fleeting in vain, will chase,
Though never mar nor seize its grace.

Since then in my remembering
Its sad and sable flush,
Fate, in its surrendering,
Steals by a pale moon's crush
Where the frailness of the butterfly
Unknowing strength - must die!

[From the collection 'From the Hermit's House' 2011.]

Ode To Satan

His bones are black like dragons’ teeth
And he’ll make merry with your soul.
Beyond concept, form and time, to dwell
In the regions of your own imagined Hell.
Like mind-fire, he rises,
Silk instigator, his bulk shall sway,
Song-like, in timeless rhythms, to emerge
Urgent at his supper of souls, again.
No purity too high; no weakness too low;
He is mistrust in the heart of every lover
And anger wrestling in the down-trodden.

A name swift to lips – he’ll come
In sleep or silence, seducing:
‘S’ words – serpent, scratch, sugar, sun;
Slumber, sweet, shout, sex, sing,
Smoke, scream, sinister, snake, sin...
Of them all, Satan, upon the tongue,
Licked with a rush of air...
Shushed and shaped into Sss-a-tan:
Satan, I call thee to me, Satan,
Sensual flame and saviour, strong:
Satan, Satan, Satan, come!

[From the collection 'Under Wind and Over Sun' 2011
and 'Ten of the Best'. United Press. 2013]


Muse, thy fair and busty presence
Brought moonlight, madness and song;
Conjurations inspired wise words to mind
And invoked beauty, but you belong

In your world of mythology, not mine;
Come no more and trouble me not!
I do not care for your enchantment;
I do not want your alluring rot!

I am sick of your flowery love-words;
Sorceress, do not trouble me!
Go back to your sisters: Melpomene,
Urania, Thalia and Calliope,

Polyhymnia, Clio, Euterpe and
That haunting devil of dance – Terpsichore!
The old blush of youth has gone
And so has your hideous hold on me!

Still she came, she did not listen;
I pushed my pen firm in her eye;
I cut her heart out with my scissors
But still Erato did not die!

The brain slipped easy from the skull;
I tore her lungs out with my fingers!
The tongue was simple to remove
But still the muse of love-words lingers!

I cut her up into nine pieces;
Wiped my finger prints from the pen;
I left her body parts in bags:
She will not trouble me again!

[from the collection 'A Toe in the Queen' 2016]


They said falling in love would be painless –
Some numb beast in the brain,
Distorting dimensions of dreaming
To dull the senses of pain!

A whirlwind romance, they called it,
But the heart is deplorable now;
Love sought a serenade of perfection,
More than the heart would allow!

They said love’s just pure emotion;
A tissue of tournament tears,
Devoid of intellect – love is
A carousel of shameful fears;

A torturous sadness of longing –
The heart hangs heavy with time;
An enchantment of song was left muted
To whither away in its prime!

A dreadful departure of passion;
A vacuum void of cold kisses;
The perfumed pretence of not knowing
Why this arena of soft caresses

Remained flowerless, diminished,
With sweet words blunt and dull;
The dim rush of longing sensation
Was heart-breakingly beautiful!

Sunlight was always my cradle
And moonlight was always my bed;
Romance went out with the old year –
Romance is decidedly dead!
[from the collection 'A Modern Antinous' 2018]

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Gallery - A Small Selection Of My Illustrations


Aleister Crowley
Ink. 1992.

Book Of The Law I
Ink. 8 April 1992.

Book Of The Law II
Ink. 7 April 1993.

Book Of The Law III
Ink. 8 April 1994.

Schizophrenia Carnival
Oil. 1990.

Sisters In Morphine
Ink. 1993.

Fuck Absolute
Acrylic. 1995.

Behind The Scenes
Ink. 1993.

Ink. 1991.

W. B. Yeats
Ink. 1995.

Mountain Scene
water colour. 1996.

Night Flowers
Ink. 2008.

Wych Elms
Ink. 2008.

Ghost Blooms
Ink. 2008.

all works Copyright Barry Van-Asten

Monday, 16 March 2009

Unquiet Ghosts - Part II

By Barry Van-Asten


The next sitting took place on Friday 5th March from 11.45 P.M.-1.15 A.M. and the medium used automatic writing. The entity contacted who called himself ‘Anthony Myers’ was a particularly nasty spirit. He gives his age as 90 and that his years upon earth were from 1890-1980. He then goes on to say ‘I want your life! Your voice – select, your choice… You are chosen – you’re fucked!’ Then the spirit turns quite nasty and is abusive towards the medium, when she asks ‘why me?’ he replies: ‘For opening your legs’, and he then goes on to say ‘only you can decide’. There is then a lot of talk about having ‘sex magic’ which he is very enthusiastic about and he is reluctant to leave and the sitting is terminated at 1.15 A.M. but there is a sense that he has not left. On this occasion Barry had to resort to a Banishing Ritual using his magical sword and a good dose of ‘consecrated’ salt!
Sitting number seven took place on Thursday 1st April at 11.50 P.M. and was an Ouija Board session.

Are there any spirits present? Yes.
Do you know one of us? Yes.
Are you family? Yes.
Is it Barry’s family? (No answer).
Is it Aimee’s family? S.
(Question repeated) Yes.
What is your name? PAVATJL. (Yes then indicated).
Please re- spell your name. (No answer).
Are you still here and do you want to communicate? Yes.
(The medium senses a male spirit but he is reluctant to speak).
Did you send us a smell? JASJ.
I do not understand. (Yes then indicated).
Do you have a connection to the J....... family? Yes.
Was it during the nineteenth century? 1. Yes.
What year were you born? 1754.
What year did you die? 182_ (Yes then indicated when the medium mentioned Parish records) 1. [1821].
Are you John’s father? Yes.
Will I find your birth and death in C............. Parish records? (No answer).
Are you John’s Grandfather? Yes.
Are you a J.......? Yes.
Are there records of you in C............? Yes.
What is your first name? J(3)ALTAJ (Yes then indicated).
Are you not very good at English? Is this phonetic spelling? Yes.
Is your name John? Yes.
Did you have a shortening for your name? Yes.
Please spell it. JCK (Yes then indicated).
How many children did you have? 5.
Which order was John? 2.
How many boys were there? 3.
How many girls were there? 2.
Was the first child a boy or a girl? B. [Boy].
Who came after John – number three? G. [Girl].
Who was number four? B. [Boy].
Who was number five? G. [Girl].
Were they all alive before you died? Yes.
When did you get married? 175_
Marriage not birth – did you get married? Yes.
At what age did you get married? 21. [1775]. Yes.
(The spirit lingered on the number seven previously when giving the date of his marriage but the number seven was not taken as definite by Barry and medium which it should have been – The date of the wedding is therefore 1775).
What are the initials of your wife? BS……J.
Is ‘J’ part of the initials? Yes.
Was her name Beatrice? Yes.
How many more generations of the J........ family can I find? 2.
1700-1710? Yes.
What is the earliest date of birth for the J....... family I can find? 1714.
Are you tapping? Yes.
Were they in C..............? Can the records be found there? Yes.
What was your job? BOJOJNV.
Do you know how to spell this? Yes.
Did you work on the land? No.
Did you work in town? Yes.
Did you provide a service? Yes.
Were you a blacksmith? No.
Were you a bootmaker/cobbler? No.
Did you work in the brewery? No.
Were you a cooper? No.
Were you a builder? Yes.
Were you a bricklayer? Yes.
Were you a ‘bodger’? Yes.
Did you send us a smell earlier? Yes.
Is your wife here? Yes.
Is she very pretty? Yes. (The medium sensed the spirit laughing at this). Yes.
When did your wife die? 1829.
How old was she when she got married? 20.
Was she born in 1755? Yes.
Did they all stay in C............. (except John)? Yes.
Thank you for coming… etc
(The sitting ended at 1.40 A.M.)

The next sitting (number eight) occurred on Friday 9th April at 10 P.M. after Barry did a ‘Banishing Ritual’ to cleanse the working area. The Ouija Board was used.

Are there any spirits present? (The indicator pointed towards a piece of human bone Barry had collected from St Mary’s Cemetery where the couple had been that day, and which was deliberately placed on the table). The indicator then pointed to the Angel Raphael.
NF(4). Yes. BSOV. (N.O.).
Is Raphael moving this? No. 4.
Is this an Angel? GUI (pause) DE U (The indicator points to the Guardian Angel).
Is this for Barry? Yes. (The indicator pauses over the number one).
Do you have a name? D(P).
Are these your initials? No.
Is your name a riddle? Yes.
Have you finished? No.
How many more letters are there? 5.
Next letter please. FVVA.
Can you help us to make it easier? 3.
Next letter please. I.
Are you here to help? No.
We need to understand. Q4.
Are you here in any magical capacity? Yes.
Are you my Guardian Angel? (Meaning the medium's Guardian Angel). (Raphael is indicated).
Have you pointed to Raphael? Yes.
Are you Raphael? (Gabriel is indicated).
Please answer the question with either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. No.
Is this Barry’s Guardian Angel? (Michael is indicated).
Please continue. (Raphael is indicated).
Please continue. EGPUIYTFU.
How many letters are left? 9.
Is it one word? No.
How many words are there? 4.
Please continue. PWHIJALMT….M.
Have you finished? Yes.
Is there any meaning to the letter ‘M’ final? No.
Is there any more? Yes.
Do we need to work out the words before continuing? Yes.
Do we need to use all the letters you have given to make four words? (Guardian Angel indicated).
Is ‘Egypt’ one of the four words? (Guardian Angel indicated).
Are you wasting our time? No.
(The question is repeated). 5.
Yes or No? Yes.
Is it the first, second, third or fourth word? (Raphael indicated followed by Guardian Angel, then the number ‘four’).
Is Egypt the fourth word? Yes.
Are all the letters to be used? No.
Do any of the other words have a name in them? Yes. (Michael indicated).
Does the name come first, second or third? 2.
Is the name Philip? Yes.
Can letters be used more than once? Yes.
Do we have any other relevant words written down? Yes.
Is the word ‘Law’? Yes.
Is it first or third? 1.
Is ‘wilt’ the other word? Yes.
Is what we have then correct: Law Philip Wilt Egypt? Yes.
Do I have to take the ‘Law’ to Egypt? (Asked by Barry). No.
Does Barry have to learn something from the Law then go to Egypt? (Guardian Angel indicated).
Are you Barry’s Guardian Angel, to guide and protect and find something in the ‘Law’ that will help him go to Egypt? Yes.
What chapter of the Law? 3.
Can we know your name? JENDY FIRAD.
Is this your full name? Yes.
Is there two names there? Yes.
Is Jendy your first name? Yes.
Is Firad your second name? Yes.
Are you male? Yes.
Are you/were you Egyptian? Yes.
Is anything going to happen tomorrow? Yes.
Is it going to happen to Barry? Yes.
Was I meant to meet P.........? (Asked by Barry in reference to a meeting with a certain Adept named P........ in Northampton). Yes.
Is it a good thing that will happen? Yes.
Is Horus happy with the Law of Thelema as it is? Yes.
Is its following to grow soon? Yes.
Within the next fifty years? (Hesitant).
More than the next fifty years? Yes.
At what Thelemic date in years? 148. (2052).
Is there any more to say to us tonight? Yes.
In how many years is Barry to go to Egypt? 2.
Is this all for tonight? Yes.
When Barry/Philip calls your name will you come if needed? Yes.
How old are you? 97.
Did you ever meet Aleister Crowley? Yes.
Was it while you were both alive? Yes.
In what year did you meet him? 08. (1908).
How old were you at the time? 24.
When were you born? 1885.
Were you born in the spring of 1885? Yes.
Did you meet Crowley in the spring of 1908? Yes.
Was it in Cairo? No.
Were you in China? No.
Where was it? ENGLAND.
Thank you and go in peace… etc. Yes.
(The sitting ended at 12.05 A.M.)

Sitting number nine took place on Saturday 17th April and began at 11.15 P.M. Present with Barry and the medium was also Mr D....... P...... Previous to the Ouija Board session the medium sensed a ‘female’ spirit present.
Do you wish to speak to someone here? Yes.
What is the initial of the person you wish to speak to? A.
Are you a relative? Yes.
What is your name? (A) BGXEB.
Is this your name? E. (Guardian Angel indicated).
Please give us your name in full. IWAHNS.
How old are you? 40.
Are you a relative of my present life? No.
How many lifetimes ago? 6.
Was this in another country? Yes.
Are you from the Americas? No.
Are you from Asia? Yes.
Are you from the Middle East? No.
Are you from China? No.
Are you from Japan? No.
Are you from India? Yes.
Are you from Northern India? Yes.
Do you have a message for me? I (D) NIHNIDI.
Is this correct? Yes. (Referring to ‘Hindi’). KYJCRNUCMD.
Is ‘M............’ part of the message? (A person known to the medium who is Indian and lives in India) Yes. HTO.
Is this the word ‘Hot’? Yes.
How many more words are there? 9.
Is this words? Yes. GOD.
Is this the next word? Yes. I ARNOM.
Are there more letters? Yes. UETG.
Is the word ‘Get’? Yes. 2.
Do you wish to write it? No. AIMEE PMT WILL OHTEL.
Is this the word ‘Hotel’? Yes. QUEUE U QUITE ILL BESIESD 1 RITGISITHELP.
Is the word ‘Right’? Yes. HE KILLING SID VISVIIWDS.
Is this a word? Yes.
Is it finished? No. BGO(A)IMOEU.
Is this the last word? Yes.
Is there any more to add? Yes. OOIBHNCH.
Is there more than one word here? Yes. BYBE.
Are you finished? Yes.
(The sitting ended at 12.30 A.M.)

The next sitting (number ten) was on Wednesday 28th April and began at 12.15 A.M. Incense and music was used and the first method was the pendulum.

Is a spirit present in the room? Yes.
Is it of a friendly nature? Yes.
Does it want to talk to someone present here? Yes.
Were you here yesterday and the previous day? Yes.
Did you knock the magnet off the fridge? No.
Did a spirit knock the magnet off the fridge? Yes.
Do you know who this spirit is? Yes.
Was the spirit who knocked the magnet of a good nature? Yes.
Have you come to see Barry? No.
Have you come to see Aimee? Yes.
Are you my Guardian Angel? Yes.
Is there a reason why you have come? Yes.
Is there another way you would like to communicate? (Other than the pendulum) Yes.
Do you want me to hold an Angel card? Yes.
Do you want me to write? Yes.
(The medium then used the pendulum over the Angel cards: Guardian Angel and Zedkiel are chosen).
Are you the same Guardian Angel that came before? Yes.
Is your name Iwahns? Yes.
Are you here to help me? Yes.
Is there a reason I chose the Zedkiel card? Yes.
Is Zedkiel watching over me? Yes.
Do you want me to pick up the Guardian Angel card? No.
Do you want me to pick up the Zedkiel card? Yes.
Is Zedkiel present now? Yes.
(The room becomes very cold and the heater has to be turned on at 12.35 A.M.)
What shall I do? – Do you want me to meditate on the Zedkiel card? Yes.
Do you want me to read the prayer on the card? Yes.
How often and how many times: Once? Yes. Twice? No. Thrice? No.
By reading the prayer will it bring the Angel forward? Yes.
Is he here for a reason? Yes.
Will you (directed to the Guardian Angel) be present when the prayer is read? Yes.
Will he (Zedkiel) speak to me? Yes.
(The medium read the prayer aloud at 12.40 A.M.)
Is Zedkiel here now? Yes.
Does he want me to meditate on the card? Yes.
Is the Guardian Angel still here? Yes (in the background).
(Zedkiel comes forward – the medium meditates upon the card and there is a change of temperature on the medium’s right hand side. It becomes very cold, like a strong breeze blown upon her).
The medium then falls into a trance and a series of automatic writing begins, what is written at the end of the sitting at 1.22 A.M. is what follows:

Do as you will, not as others. Keep strong and you will grow in strength. Tell the truth as it is and not as you(‘ve) seen it. The truth you will have forever. Believe on what you wish no(t) as others. (The writing then becomes a little undecipherable). Be … I will guide you. I will guard you and you will be still within.
Time will change and you will see… I, our, we and thee... You are not a spirit, an soul, an entity. I am close by; I am always close by till the end of time.
Goodbye, goodbye, until next time.
Just call my name and read my prayer… read my prayer.

Sitting number eleven was held on Monday 3rd May after a spirit was sensed in the rooms at 9.45 P.M. After Barry read aloud Crowley’s ‘Hymn to Pan’ and then read the Enochian 19th Key from ‘Liber XXX Aerum vel Saeculi being the angels of the thirty aethyrs The Vision and the Voice’ as preliminary invocations, the couple went for a walk and returned at 10.25 P.M. During the sitting which took place at 10.25 P.M. the medium used a pendulum and at 10.55 P.M. the medium fell into a trance and Barry took notes on her vision which she described to him:

I am situated in a pyramid and Barry is also present. There are separate rooms in the pyramid which is entered at ground level. In the middle of a stone floored and stone walled room is a table which is a tomb-like oblong stone box. The room is dimly lit with a candle. There is writing on the wall (hieroglyphics) and Barry is by himself looking at the wall. I am present but he cannot see me, I am not visible. In one corner appears the God Anubis, black headed with a human body; part God and part human; a God of mystical powers. He appears more human-like and masked. He knows information (?). Barry is wearing ordinary everyday clothes then at intervals he is seen in a white, sort of toga-like costume of Egyptian origin. Anubis is guiding Barry into another room. The floor of this room is of sand and it is smaller than the previous room. Barry appears aghast, not at Anubis but at the room and the difference from the previous room; the light and atmosphere are completely different and incense is burning. Barry is standing at one end and at the other end are three persons, seated on a dais with candles around them at the sides (one is seated in the centre on the highest step with the two others at each side on the same step at the same level). The people look different but the same i.e. like a family. One is female in traditional dress with fur and a man is amongst them, possibly related, but there is a connection between the male and the female; they are of equal standing. There are two guards on either side holding spears and facing each other (both can see Barry):

Male Female Male
(3 persons on dais, one possibly a young boy)

Guard Guard


I entered by curiosity and now there is a sudden importance upon me. The woman in the middle of the dais says or gestures to Barry that he should come forward. Barry is hesitant but wants to go forward. The woman is not all she appears to be (she can change her form although she is now in human/female form). Her face changes from a young and beautiful woman and she assumes the shape of a bird of prey. She is speaking and Anubis stands by the doorway as a guard. I am now seeing through Barry’s eyes and Barry is speaking and listening to the female figure. Barry knows her, she is familiar to him. I free myself from Barry’s body and fly into the air to view Barry from the female’s angle. I am behind her chair (in the space between the wall and the chair) and I stand behind her stone throne. There is a symbol carved into the back of her stone chair, a circle with a line from the centre of the circle drawn down past the circumference, like a tilted letter ‘Q’.
Barry realises who the female is. They are family; the woman has more importance/authority, even though the male and female are equal; she has more to say. I am unable to see the faces of the men; I only see the female face which is clear. Her partner is on her right as she faces Barry and on her left is a young boy. I am still unobserved behind the woman.
On the young boy’s chair there is a symbol: a circle with a triangle inside and overlapping this is a pentagram. There may be something in the centre of the triangle. On the other chair where the man is seated there is a triangle with a circle inside it. There is possibly ‘an eye’ in the centre of the circle, but this symbol is not as strong as the others.
Barry has now moved closer to the female and climbed up five steps of the dais (there are six steps in total). The female hands Barry a short crook. He is unable to touch her; his hands/palms are upwards as he receives the gold and blue striped crook. It is metallic and quite heavy; not precious to look at but it is an important symbol. I then hear the words: ‘You must come back!’ spoken by the female.
The man and the young boy are equal, yet different. The boy is her son. The males speak through the females. Barry has to ‘protect’ something [protect the boy while still young]. Above the female is a circle or disc which represents the sun, carved into the wall.
I then hear the words: ‘Go now!’ spoken by the female.
Anubis is by the door, beckoning Barry towards him. He goes over and Anubis leads him out to the other room (ante chamber). Barry looked at one of the guards before returning to Anubis and the guard (situated on my right) disintegrated into dust. Then all was changed and the figures were no longer there. I felt that Barry had to anoint/bathe himself in the River Nile, five times and drink five mouthfuls. Barry has a large pot and is pouring it over himself. But Barry must be careful of what he cannot see as crocodiles dwell in the Nile. Barry has the crook still which he holds in his hands. He stands at a crossroads and there is a left and right turn and a road forwards – he must choose!
(The vision ends at 11.40 P.M.)
Later that night as the couple are in bed the medium feels the presence of Crowley in the room from 1.10-1.50 A.M.

Sitting number twelve took place on Wednesday 22nd June at 10.40 P.M. and like the previous sitting involved the medium entering into a trance and vision:

Your scarlet woman is before you.
You have done well.
The secrets will be unveiled.
While the sun sets in the west,
It will always rise in the east.

Take the name and add by numbers [Winchester, possibly in Latin; there is a connection with Merlin and the round table].
Ancient City; ancient grounds…
There is no such thing as chance but chance.
There are many scribes available to you that are working in your favour.
Question – Have you read your dreams?
The sun won’t rise in the east until you have.
The medium then goes down a tunnel, led by a light and appears in a stone room. She is surprised to see on her right hand side a doorway. She sees a figure, his bottom half is male and his upper parts are that of the hawk. He is alive, yet unreal, as if he is made of gold. There is also some blue upon the front of the head (face). He blinks and looks directly at the medium. No words are spoken but it feels as if he expected her to be there and he is welcoming her. The medium felt as if she were being watched and that she had done wrong and was being judged, and if found guilty he would eat her. There is a stone tomb or corridor with torches burning and the smell of frankincense. The medium feels as if she is to find something and explore. He continues watching her and she must go forward.
He wields a staff and she gives the sign of the enterer. He then appears less threatening.
He touches the medium on the left shoulder with his staff and he points with the staff straight ahead, down an archway along a corridor.
The medium feels a little afraid and has to look behind her. He watches her as she walks. (At this point the medium physically cry’s during the sitting). She feels alone and something is preventing her from going too far forward. The Hawk is angry at the medium for not going further forwards. The sign of the enterer is given by the medium. There are doorways and an arch which is not an arch but a corridor with something behind it… Perhaps Anubis is on the medium’s left hand side behind an arch! There are seats on either side of the corridor, like a theatre – [Hall of Judgement – Maat]. A meeting place… Anubis has a black jackal head; just the head as his body is human and male. Anubis points the medium in the right direction forward. There is a series of arches along the corridor to pass through. There are two doorways on the left and right between each arch. The medium draws the pentagram to help her pass by an arch.
She sees a man, wizard-like and innocent in appearance, take off his hat and reveal his bald head. He seems to be in disguise and not what he appears to be. He is mischievous and hiding something; there is an eerie feeling and he offers the medium a cup; a red cup or chalice (large goblet) gold and ruby in colour with large jewels upon it. It appears to be wine and he is eager for the medium to drink it but she doesn’t want to. He is tempting her but it may be blood; he drinks it to prove himself – drink to give clarity!
If the medium does not drink it then the adept PAAA does not progress forward.
Horus/Anubis there is a choice – birth/death; choose to live or die! It is the medium’s decision! (Both are watching from afar). The man seems to have more authority than even Horus and Anubis!
The man says: ‘which way is it to be – darkness or light?’
The man is actually Aleister Crowley in disguise.
The medium then says: ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law’.
The man appears surprised but did not reply. He then said: ‘Do you know who I am?’ And the medium replies: ‘Yes, I believe so’.
The man (Crowley) says: ‘Why did you say these words when you are not a believer?’ He then becomes more aggressive: ‘You are not his, he is mine!’
The medium then says: ‘Why are you dressed like that?’ (Like a wizard)
Crowley: ‘Isn’t it how you would think a magician would appear?’ (Crowley’s appearance is that of old age). There are two doorways behind Crowley and he is in the middle. The medium must decide which way to go if she refuses to drink from the cup. Crowley tries to draw her towards him and the medium avoids eye contact. But why is he putting her through this test? The cup is not full of wine but blood! The medium is the key! She is PAAA’s skryer and without her he (PAAA) cannot see. [Horus can either be your protector or your avenger!]. The medium must physically drink from PAAA's Magickal Cup which has consecrated water within it and was used in this actual Ritual previous to the vision beginning. This she does. Crowley is smiling and it is not a nice smile, it is secretive.
The medium chooses the doorway on the left after Crowley said choose the right! Crowley looked at her before and raised an eyebrow. The medium had the cup in her hand and she felt she must give the rest of the water to PAAA. The corridor is dark and the medium came to a cliff face and can’t return – skeletons were beyond the door that she entered, hanging by their necks.
The cup she holds in the vision is like a doorway and it is full of protective red liquid. The medium sees PAAA in the cup in a black robe. In the robe PAAA makes the gesture of the enterer and ‘Osiris slain’ in the liquid. PAAA physically drinks of the water in the Magickal Cup. Anubis and Horus point to the sun as the medium stands on the cliff, before PAAA drank the water. The medium jumped and plunged into a river; on surfacing she saw PAAA on the bank and he drank from the cup. Now the surroundings change to green fields and the vision ends!
(The vision ended at midnight).

Sitting number thirteen took place on Saturday 31st July at 1. A.M. and was an Ouija Board sitting. There is little remarkable about the sitting until the medium switches to automatic writing:
Is there a spirit present? Yes.
Are you someone we know? (The indicator does not move from the ‘yes’).
Are you here to talk to one of us? (Again the indicator does not move from the ‘yes’).
Are you here to talk to Barry? (No answer).
Is there anyone still here? No.
Is there anyone wishing to contact us tonight? Yes.
What is your name? EVOP. Yes. T.
Have you finished spelling your name? Yes.
Are you a spirit? Yes.
How old are you? 94.
Is that 94 years as a spirit? No.
Is this the age when you died? Yes.
Are you an old soul? Yes.
Are you here to tell us anything? Yes.
Is it directed to me (the medium)? No.
Is it for Barry? (No answer).
Barry asks: Have you come to give me information? Yes.
Barry then asks: What is the information? TVLJGDMT(Y)KUZ4RJZAYWBWSWJMX.
Will you answer to Barry? Yes.
The sitting ends at 1.45 A.M. and then the medium uses a different method, that of automatic writing; the message that appears reads:

Is there anybody there? Yes.
What is your name? Barry.
Are you here to talk to Barry? Yes.
And the message continues: Please be good. Help her. Life is not worth much to her. You have powers, use magick, you’re greater than you are. Wiser than your words: a great man to be. Strength and honesty are your guides. I am your helper.
Are you a magician? Yes. I am of the highest order. You w… ….. You are better than you know you are.
What grade am I? You have much work to complete. Zelator is obu. You are a wing. I’m here to call.
(The message ends at 2.45 A.M.)

Sitting number fourteen took place on Monday 11th October and is described in the previous chapter ‘The Great Beast’.
The next sitting (number fifteen) occurred on Monday 25th October at 11.45 P.M. First the incense was lit (sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh) then the medium used a ‘grounding ceremony’ by stimulating the chakkras and ‘earthing’ herself. Previous to beginning the medium senses the presence of between four and five spirits. At midnight the sitting began proper when the medium entered her vision state:

A male presence to the medium’s right side is pointing towards Barry who is on the medium’s left side. He is old and has grey short hair. He seems fragile and is balding on top of his head. Another male presence that is older and well dressed is also with us. He is well spoken and may be related (perhaps a Grandparent on a maternal side); he smells dusty like an ‘antique’. A younger male points towards the physical door (it may be Barry’s father as possibly Barry’s mother is present). Barry and the medium hold hands in the physical to create a link. Barry’s mother is asking why Barry is so ill. There is an elderly woman also present. Barry’s mother says: ‘You knew I was there!’
She feels frustrated with Barry and wants to talk to him at a ‘Spiritualist Church’. She can’t believe he went into a church! ‘Why now?’ she says. ‘I don’t like you doing that ‘’devil worshipping’’’. Here the medium asks about finances – it appears she needs to wait longer and Barry’s mother seems to think the medium has led him astray. The medium gets the image of a baby, dark haired and new born. Barry asks: ‘What time was I born? – 11.20 P.M. She wants the ring to get a stronger link and Barry says he will use it next time! Time of birth is then given as 12.20 A.M. (not 11.20) and she says he was a ‘bastard to deliver!’ She misses Barry and says he shouldn’t remember her how she was at the end. The medium saw Barry wearing his mother’s ring and she held it too. Barry’s mother feels sad that she can’t take care of him like she used to and be affectionate. She says he looked lovely at the wedding and Aimee was lovely too. She says they both look right together! She was glad that Barry’s brother D........ turned up too but why wasn’t there an extra space at the top table for him? She wants D.......... to know about her, that she is in communication etc. Barry’s father seems puzzled that D........ keeps changing his address. He is shaking his head and Barry’s mother seems to think she needs to take D........ in hand – will he ever grow up? She doesn’t like Crowley; she doesn’t like it affecting Aimee. She mentioned the medium Gordon Smith and that Aimee is meant to meet him!
(The sitting ended at 1.20 A.M.)

Sitting number sixteen, the final sitting for the year 2004, took place on Wednesday 8th December. Sandalwood incense was burnt and candles and so began a sitting using the pendulum at 11.55 P.M.

There is a female present. She is elderly with long grey hair (half her hair is tied up and the rest is down).
Is there a spirit present? Yes.
Is it a woman? Yes.
Are any other spirits here? Yes.
Do I know you (meaning the medium)? No.
Is there a family connection? Yes.
Are you connected to my family (the mediums)? No.
Have any of my Grandmothers been here in the past week (the mediums)? Yes.
Is it on my mother’s side? Yes. (The medium’s Grandmother visited during the week).
Did she sit on my bed? Yes.
Are you English? No.
Are you Irish? No.
Are you Scottish? No. (Small ‘no’).
Do you have anything to do with Barry? Yes.
(The medium sensed her standing near to Barry dressed in nightwear).
She seemed hesitant on the Scottish link – perhaps she is a Grandmother on Barry’s father’s side).
Are you Clara Beatrice? Yes.
Are you here to help? Yes.
In what year did you get married? Towards end of the year 1918.
What month? December, Christmas time, aged 21.
Were you married in England? No. (This is incorrect).
Were you born in 1897? Yes.
Were you born in England? Yes.
Did you get married in France? No.
Did you meet my Grandfather in Holland? Yes. (Unlikely).
Were you there on a trip? Yes.
Was he attached to the War? Yes.
Was he a fighting soldier? No.
Was he behind the trenches doing clerical work? Yes.
Was he literary, reading and writing? Yes. (Strong yes).
Did you get married in Scotland? Yes. (Incorrect).
Did your parents know? Yes.
Were they happy? No.
Were you pregnant? No.
Where in Holland was J....... from – North west.
Is it Amsterdam? Yes.
Did J...... die in 1966? Yes. (Incorrect).
Did you meet the same year that you got married in 1918? Yes.
(They met early in the year before the War finished; John was in uniform, on leave).
Were you doing research in Holland? Yes.
Was it art? Yes.
Van Gogh? Yes.
Were you a commissioned artist? Yes.
(She was there a few weeks or a month and kept in touch).
Did John come over to England? Yes.
Was it after the war? Yes.
Is anything incorrect? Yes.
25th as a date in November, John came over and they were married a month later.
Does Barry have a photograph of you? Yes.
Towards the end of your life were you in a wheelchair? No.
Grandfather present now and photographs are produced. J........ says that his father was stern, (a photo is held by the medium – taken in Holland supposedly as J......’s father never came to England).
He felt distant to his father; G......... was the same, distant to him.
Clara was independent.
Was Clara born in Birmingham? Yes.
In Edgbaston? Yes.
She was from a middle class, smallish family. J....... was more working class thus the conflict. She broke links with her family; they disowned her!
Was Clara religious? Yes.
Was she a Christian? Yes.
Her Parents were more religious.
Were her parents English? Great Grandfather S......... was Irish and Mother was English – Northern Ireland – Protestant. Mother was quiet.
(The sitting ends at 1.35 A.M. and Barry is very sceptical about the information gained during this sitting. It is also the last sitting for the year 2004).

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Unquiet Ghosts - Part I

by Barry Van-Asten


On Sunday 11th January 2004, Barry and his fiancĂ© Aimee Mclaughlin, moved into their top floor rooms in West London. In the months they had previously spent together they had experienced many forms of phenomena at different locations, from visitations to poltergeist activity. At their new home these phenomena seemed to increase in the first year of their occupancy. Miss Mclaughlin, being a ‘natural’ if reluctant medium was persuaded to conduct a series of sĂ©ances, assisted by Barry who was to take notes at the sittings. Barry Philip Van-Asten B.A. (HONS) describes himself as a ‘practising Thelemite and student of the occult’; previous to his association to Miss Mclaughlin, he had also experienced many forms of strange phenomena throughout his life, being a little what one might call ‘sensitive’ towards such things. On three occasions he had witnessed ‘spiritual manifestations’ – once in his rooms at his University in Surrey, and previous to that on two occasions while with his brother, they witnessed the ghostly apparition of a ‘lower half, legs and nothing else’ near the lake at Swanshurst Park in Birmingham, on approaching them they seemed to disappear, and on another occasion at dusk in the same location of a gentleman in a raincoat and trilby hat suddenly appear before them and seem to walk as if to go through them; on his passing the brothers turned round and he was no longer there. There were rumours of suicides occurring at the location in the past but that is all. Barry's father, also lived for many years in a haunted house at Tillingham Street in Birmingham; sadly all ‘photographic evidence’ that Barry remembers seeing as a boy has mysteriously vanished.
Miss Mclaughlin is also highly psychic and like her mother, is sensitive and able to ‘receive’ spirit impressions – visually and audibly; Miss Mclaughlin often feels her ‘gift’ is more a curse than a blessing.
Barry's diaries are not as comprehensive and ‘detailed’ as one would wish them to be but if they don’t list all the strange phenomena that happened, especially in the first year, then they do give a glimpse of the more curious happenings.


As we have said the couple moved into the accommodation on Sunday 11th January 2004, and from this date phenomena seems to occur, but the first instance of anything out of the ordinary occurring is noted in Barry's diary when he writes that they both experience a ‘visitation’ all night. Miss Mclaughlin feels there is an ‘unwanted male entity’ that seems to come and go in visitation about the rooms. The house was built from appearances in the early nineteen-hundreds and is situated on a road alongside the Grand Union Canal. The couple have not researched the background of the house or the area but feel the ‘male presence’ has some attachment to the fabric of the house; but certain other phenomena are definitely attracted to the couple themselves from ‘outside’, either to Barry because of his spiritual inclination and practices or to Miss Mclaughlin because of her ‘gift’ for seeing the spirit world.
On Thursday 5th February Barry's’s deceased mother, came and spoke through the medium, Miss Mclaughlin (Wednesday 4th February was the anniversary of her birth). Miss Mclaughlin’s Aunt Helen died on Friday 13th February and her funeral took place on Thursday 19th February (Miss Mclaughlin had taken some of her dead Aunt’s hair from a hair brush and brought it back to their home). On Monday 16th February Barry’s mother came through the medium and from 11.40 P.M.-12.48 A.M. they held a sitting using the Planchette:

The board spells out the name BETTY.
Are you a relative? Yes.
Is Aunt Helen with you? Yes.
Are you Aunt Helen? Yes.
How many days/hours has Helen been with you? 4.
Confirmed – Yes.
How old is Helen? 56.
Confirmed – Yes.
What is the initial (first letter) of your son who died? A.
Confirmed – Yes.
Is Helen happy? Yes.
Is there a message from Helen? Yes.
(Message reads) I SAD (4) F (J) BLM
Confirmed LM? Yes.
(Letters continue) A
Is it Helen? Yes.
Is it a word? Unanswered.
(Letters continue) K.
Any more letters? Yes.
(Letters continue) D.
Are these the initials of your children? Yes.
Any more to tell us? No.
Are you happy and pain free? Yes.
Is your son with you? Yes.
Can we agree to a suitable time of contact? Yes.
Are you with your body? No.
Can you read/write in the spirit world? Yes.
Are you looked after by someone else we know? (a reference to Barry’s mother) Yes.
Is it Barry’s mother? Yes.
Are you with her now? Yes.
Did you come to visit me today? Yes.
Did you turn the boiler off? Yes.
To let me know that you are here? Yes.
Everyone is thinking about you, I’m happy you are happy. Were you aware I was thinking of you when I was at my Buddhist Temple and that I lit a candle and incense for you? Yes.
Did you like it? Yes.
Would you like to communicate with me again in the future? Yes.
How many weeks from today to communicate? 1.
Goodnight, rest well, rest in peace, talk soon. Yes.

Betty, are you here? Yes.
Thank you for looking after my Aunt. Is it why you have been here for the past few days before Helen died; to keep watch over me so that I feel safe? Yes.
Is Barry’s father good and well? Yes.
Do you visit Barry's brother? Yes.
Is he aware you are there? Yes.
Does he accept it is you seeing him? No.
Is there anything we can do? I.e. tell him of our experiences with you? Yes.
Is he sensitive enough to know it is you? Yes.
Is he ignoring the fact that it happens? Yes.
We must end this session now. When shall we talk next; how many weeks? 1.
Will you and Aunt Helen be at the funeral (and the wake)? Yes.
Just as observers? Yes.
Barry: I wish you well till next time.
Medium: Goodnight.
(Letters spelt out) BYE.
(And again) BYE.
Goodbye, safe journey… Yes.


The next occurrence happened on Friday 20th February, the day after Aunt Helen’s funeral in Bury. The couple had felt a presence and decided to use the pendulum to make contact with any spirit which may be present. The formula for this was to indicate a ‘yes’ answer the pendulum swung back and forth in a straight line; to indicate ‘no’ it rotated in a circular motion. From 11.30 P.M. to 2.10 A.M. a sitting was conducted with Miss Mclaughlin as the medium and Barry as assistant and note taker. The results were as follows:

Are there any spirits present? Yes.
Are you someone we know? Yes.
Is this for Barry? No.
Is this for me (the medium)? Yes.
Are you a friend? No.
Are you a stranger? No (Strong).
Are you a relative? Yes.
Are you from more than one year ago? No.
Are you from less than one year ago? Yes.
Are you from less than six months (death)? Yes.
Did you die this year? Yes (Strong).
Are you male? No.
Are you female? Yes (Strong)
Are you Helen? Yes (Quite strong).
(The medium thanks the spirit) Thank you.
(The pendulum feels heavier than usual).
How are you? Are you well? Yes (Strong).
(The energy felt strong in the chain of the pendulum; not unpleasant).
Were you at the house when I arrived (in Bury, for the wake)? Yes.
Were you in the same room as your body? Yes (Strong).
Where were you standing? Were you near your head? Yes (Strong).
(Feeling of sadness)
Are you feeling sad and unhappy at the moment? Yes (Very strong).
Is it because you are missing everyone? Yes (Very strong).
Is A.......... (Helen’s son) with you? Yes (Very strong).
Are you happy to be with him again? Yes (Very strong).
(The pendulum feels lighter, happier).
What did you think of the whole day? (Meaning the funeral) Was it good? Yes.
Did it make you feel happy? Yes.
Did it make you feel sad? Yes.
What is it like on the other side? Is it good? Yes (Very strong).
You are not alone? No.
You have more than A.......... to look after you? Yes.
Is Grandfather there? Yes.
Is Grandmother there? Yes.
Is Barry’s mother there? Yes.
Is she helping you? Yes.
(First half of question inaudible)…you know that I care? Yes.
You know I am sorry I could not see you? Yes.
You don’t hold a grudge against me do you? No.
I hope you know I can help you now if I can and that I will be here, obviously there are, as Barry’s mother knows, terms and conditions on this – we need time to ourselves. We can agree a time to communicate instead of constantly attracting our attention, is this O.K. with you? Yes.
Do you have a preference in communication? Yes.
Pendulum? Yes.
Did you like the board (Ouija Board)? Yes.
Would you like to try automatic writing? Yes (Very strong).
Choose one; what do you prefer:
Board? No.
Pendulum? No.
Writing? Yes.
Helen, that’s quite funny as you never used to write!
You didn’t know how to write did you? No.
Was there anything you weren’t happy with yesterday? (Meaning the funeral) Yes.
Was it any of the people there? No.
Was it the service? Yes.
Something specific? Yes (Strong).
Did you want the service? Yes (Strong).
Was it too long? No.
Did you like the Priest? Yes.
Was it anything to do with your coffin? Yes (Strong).
Was it the way they carried you? No.
Did you like the Holy Water sprinkled on your coffin? Yes.
Did you like the incense? Yes.
Is it just the coffin? Yes (Very strong).
Is it the cross on your coffin? Yes (Very strong).
Are you particularly religious/Catholic? No.
Do you like the candle I’ve lit for you? Yes.
Did you like the incense and the candle at the Temple? (Meaning the Buddhist Temple the medium attended previous to the funeral) Yes.
Did you like the rosary placed in your coffin? No.
Did you like the colour blue inside the coffin? No.
Do you prefer bright colours? Yes.
Would red be better? Yes.
Would yellow be better? Yes.
Would orange be better? Yes.
Do you like warm colours? Yes.
Do you like white? Yes.
Is death how you imagined it to be? No.
Is it better than how you thought it would be? Yes.
Is it a different dimension to this world? Yes.
Is there a Heaven? No.
Are you disappointed there is no Heaven? No.
Have you lived before this life that just ended? Yes.
Do you know how many lives you have lived? Yes.
Is it two? No.
Is it three? No.
Is it less than ten? No.
Is it less than twenty? No.
Is it less than one-hundred? Yes.
Is it less than fifty? No.
Is it more than sixty? Yes.
Is it more than seventy? No.
Have you lived as both sexes? No. (Here Helen’s humour came through as she assumed the question to be lived as both sexes at the same time, which is impossible!)
Have you been male? Yes.
Have you been any other form other than human? Yes (Strong).
Were you a dog? Yes.
Were you a dog before your most recent incarnation? Yes (Very strong).
Were you a female dog? No.
Were you a male dog? Yes.
Did you live long? Yes.
Did you die of natural causes? Yes.
Who is right, Buddha or Jesus:
Buddha? Yes (Strong).
Jesus? No.
Were they the same soul? Yes.
Are you sure? Yes ((Strong).
Are the Egyptian Gods/Deities actual souls? Yes.
Did they exist? Yes.
Are they still relevant? Yes (Strong).
Are there other intelligences in the universe? Yes.
From other planets? Yes.
Have they visited Earth? Yes.
Did they have anything to do with the construction of the pyramids? No.
Did they have anything to do with the construction of Stonehenge? No.
Have they influenced anyone upon Earth? No.
Is there someone/thing that creates order? Yes (Strong).
Could you call it God? Yes (Strong).
Is it a He? No.
Is it a She? No.
Is it energy? Yes.
Is it Thought? Yes.
Is it Light? Yes (Strong/medium).Yes.
Does it have an opposite? Yes.
Is it Darkness? Yes.
Is it Negative? Yes (Strong).
Are they in equal balance? Yes (Strong).
Does that mean that we have choice in our lives? Yes (Strong).
Is there a Law of Kama? Yes (Strong).
(Pause and resumed at 12.35 P.M.)
How did you feel about the arrangements generally? Were they to your liking? (Meaning the funeral) Yes.
Are you happy with what R....... (Helen’s husband) did for you? Yes.
You do understand I can’t pass a message on to R...... as he would be too upset? Yes.
Would you like to? Yes.
I don’t want to upset him, is that alright? Yes.
You understand then? Yes.
It’s not the right time as yet; do you agree on later? Yes.
What about a message for my mother? Yes.
Do you want to write it? Yes.
Do you want to do automatic writing? Yes.
Are you happy to be in contact with me? Yes (Strong).
I want to help you in this form even if I couldn’t help you when you were here, do you understand? Yes.
Are you happy with that? Yes.
I feel awful; I’ve let you down. Do you consider that I’ve let you down? No.
Did you like me holding your hand? Yes.
Did you feel it? Yes (Strong).
Had you completely left your body? No.
Are you with your body now? No.
Do you feel a sense of freedom now without your body? Yes.
Did you like the music played for you at the wake? Yes.
Did you mind that I looked inside your wardrobe? No.
Was it you who opened the door of the wardrobe? (In the bedroom above the living room where the coffin was set; it was the room in which Barry and the medium spent the night. Present during the wardrobe door opening incident was Barry, the medium and the medium’s mother). Yes.
Was it meant for Aimee (the medium)? No.
Was it meant for the medium's mother? Yes.
Was it meant for Barry? No.
My mother knew it was you, you know that don’t you? Yes.
Were you saying hello? Yes (Strong/medium).
My mother will miss you, you know that don’t you? Yes.
Did you think you had so many people who cared about you? No.
You could have called on any of us for help, you do know that? No.
Is it the case you didn’t know you could call? Yes.
Is that yes? Yes (Medium).
Did you know before leaving, about Barry and me? Yes (Strong).
Are you happy for us? Yes (Very, very strong).
I wish you were well enough and still around, to come, would you come? (Meaning to the wedding of Barry and the medium) Yes.
Will you be at my wedding? Yes.
Are you coming with Barry’s mother? Yes (Strong).
Will it be just you and Barry’s mother in attendance? Yes.
Will Granddad be there? No.
Will Grandmother be there? No.
Will A........ be there? No.
Will Uncle Geoffrey be there? No.
Have you met Uncle Geoffrey? No.
Does Barry’s mother know Uncle Geoffrey? Yes.
Would you like to meet my Uncle? Yes.
My mother and he were close, did you know? No.
You’ll get on with Uncle Geoffrey, he’s nice and funny. Is that O.K.? Yes.
Is there anything else you wish to say? Yes.
Are you happy to be buried next to (and not with) A........? Yes (Strong).
Did you hear the poem I wrote for you? Yes.
Did you like it? Yes (Very strong).
There was a little gift for you, did you see it? Yes.
Did you like the idea? Yes.
Did you like the flowers we sent? Yes.
Have you ever seen so many flowers for you? No.
Did it make you feel happy? No.
Did it make you feel sad? No.
Did it make you feel loved? Yes.
I wish I could have hugged you, you know? Yes (Very strong).
I wanted to stroke your hair, you know? Yes.
Are you O.K. with me taking some of your hair from your hairbrush? No.
I’m sorry.
Is there a reason why that makes you unhappy? Yes.
Can you understand why I did it? Yes.
I don’t want any of your possessions; I just wanted a little piece of you to keep close to me, do you understand? Yes.
I only took hair that was on the hairbrush, do you understand? Yes.
Can I keep it? No.
Is there something I can do with it? No.
Do I need to give it to someone? Yes.
Do I need to give it to someone in my family? Yes.
My Mother? Yes.
My Dad? Yes.
My Brother D......? Yes.
Do you want me to share it? Do you mean I can have it but only as a shared item? Yes.
Is it O.K. to divide it and leave some with my mother? Yes.
I’ll leave some in N............ and some in London, is that O.K.? Yes.
Did you mind me taking the card from the flowers? My mum said it’s O.K. is it O.K. with you? Yes.
I loved your musical soft toys, they were very funny. Yes.
You really liked the dog, is that right? Yes (Strong).
Did you like it more than the other ones? Yes.
I like the new house, it’s really nice. Were you happy there? Yes.
Is there anything else you wish to say with the pendulum? No.
Can we agree on a time and date for our next communication – yes or no? Yes.
Shall we say next weekend? Yes (Strong).
Next Sunday? Yes (Strong).
Time: from 7 P.M.? Yes.
No later than 10 P.M.? Yes
Do you agree? Yes.
Do you still need to write a message? Yes (Strong).
Do you want me to do it now? Yes.
Would you mind if we did it another time? No.
Would you prefer to do it now? Yes.
Is it a long message? No.
Is it a short message? Yes.
(There follows a short message whereby the medium used automatic writing; the writing is a sort of childish scrawl but still decipherable – the message reads :)

H...., (medium's mother)
I want to come home for my kids.
Be happy for me.
I’ll be seeing you,

Helen xx

Have you finished everything? Yes.

(The sitting ends at 2.10 A.M.)


On Tuesday 16th March at midnight the stereo player starts by itself and plays a track from Miss Mclaughlin’s Beatles C.D. The song is ‘Come Together’. This also occurs the following night at the same time and the medium used the pendulum to attempt to discover the communication.
At the Vernal Equinox on Saturday 20th March Barry performed the Invocation of Horus magical ritual and on the next night Barry and the medium sat waiting for the stereo to begin again at midnight, which it did, with the same song ‘Come Together’. The stereo tried to start again the following night but failed for some reason and turned itself off. Other notable phenomena at this time is the Television switching channels and turning itself off and on; taps and bangs are heard and so are footsteps; there is also a sense of ‘cold spots’ and air being blown; another phenomena is the presence of odd odours which the medium recognises as a sort of ‘spiritual calling card’ to let her know a spirit is present and perhaps a communication is needed. These smells are sometimes only detected by the medium or sometimes only by Barry and on some occasions by both at the same time. Barry recalls that during this period, he often felt a presence in the bedroom when he was alone at night in the living room. He remembers this as a daily occurrence when the medium often worked late hours. Sometimes phenomena seemed to occur in the kitchen and at other times in the bedroom; presences were felt in all the rooms but the living room and kitchen was most often the centre for strange noises. Usually sounds occur in a different room to where one is situated but on some occasions it did happen close to where one happened to be. On these sounds being heard it was Barry’s habit to shout out ‘hello’ and he would greet the entity and even enter into an imaginary conversation with the visitor, usually to show he was not afraid, though sometimes he would be continually looking over his shoulder towards the bedroom door where things were seen out of the corner of his eye so to speak. These could occur at any time of the day or night but usually the hours of the evening and the hours between 11 P.M. and 2 A.M. were when most disturbances took place.


Barry and Miss Mclaughlin attended a Thelemic conference at Conway Hall in London on Saturday 10th April and on Barry’s birthday (21st April) they went to view John Dee’s ‘skrying mirror’ and his ‘Angelic magical wax disc’ at the British Museum.
On Saturday 24th April Barry received a ‘magickal message’ from the medium between 12.30-2.30 A.M. from a certain ‘secret chief’ known to Barry in which certain knowledge concerning Barry’s magickal grade was disclosed. Barry was informed that he must begin a ‘water rite’ twice daily, upon waking and retiring to bed. On departing the Master ‘kissed’ the disciple Barry with the promise that he would return ‘on the longest day’ (Monday 21st June). The water was to be consecrated in a certain way within the Laws of Barry’s Thelemic belief system. This Barry began on Monday 26th April and he continued until Friday 18th June, a total of 54 days. Also on Monday 26th April Barry and the medium used the Tarot till 2 A.M. and endured a ‘visiting spirit’. Another Tarot reading occurred on Wednesday 26th May along with a ‘spell, chant, candle and incense’.
Barry performed the Invocation of Horus and the Egyptian Master Ritual on Monday 21st June at 9.15 P.M. He also performed a ‘ritual of acceptance’ for 'a certain grade'. That night the medium dreamt of the Goddess Nuit.
On the 23rd June Barry performed a ‘cup ritual’ from 10.40 P.M. to 12.00, but on this matter Barry will not speak.
Four days later on Sunday 27th June Barry had a dream in which he found himself in a room and Miss Mclaughlin was there too and two other gentlemen. The Stele of Revealing was on the wall and there was painted tiles in the manner of Ancient Egypt but there was a strange ‘milky substance’ upon the tiles. Also present was an angry female, a sort of witch figure who spoke in a threatening manner. A door which had occult symbols on suddenly went blank and then colourful circles of all different sizes appeared on the door and the two gentlemen left the room in disgust!
On Sunday 18th July at 7 P.M. Barry performed a ritual on the lines of the Thelemic Holy Book Liber Stellae Rubeae LXVI, and later Barry and medium did a Tarot reading from 11 P.M. to 1 A.M. During this Barry glimpsed the Medium’s ‘aura’. Another Tarot reading occurred on the following Thursday 22nd July and on Saturday 7th August Barry performed a ‘Ritual of Rebirth’ (part I) on behalf of the Medium from 11.30 P.M. to 1 A.M.
Barry and the Medium were married on Saturday 11th September 2004 at the Guild Hall in N................. and on Wednesday 22nd September Barry performed the ‘Ritual of Rebirth’ (part II) for the Medium on a narrowboat at dusk with the sound of the River Usk in the air on their way to Brecon in Wales.


A presence was felt by the medium on Wednesday 6th October, which had been resident in the rooms since Sunday 26th September (the date of their return from Wales).From this date the door to the bedroom was kept closed.
On Thursday 7th October Barry’s Magickal Rose Quartz Ankh necklace broke, as if the feminine ‘loop’ were symbolically parted from the masculine ‘T’ of the cross. A few days later on the 11th October a sitting was held at midnight. Six candles were lit and some sandalwood incense. Upon the table was Barry’s Rose quartz Ankh. Instrumental music was also used for relaxation throughout the sitting. The medium drifted into vision and repeated what she saw and heard to Barry who wrote down the notes. The sitting is recorded below:

There is an old man present, dishevelled and wearing an untidy brown suit. His hair is grey and his face is miserable and unshaven. This person is to the right of the medium. There is also a ‘Merlin’ type male in front of the medium pointing to Barry’s Ankh which the medium is wearing – its energy seems to pierce the medium’s heart. The figure before the medium is wearing a blue robe and the medium senses he is entering the protective circle around her and Barry. He is staring at the medium in a threatening manner and no words are passing his lips.
He is in disguise; he is a man of many disguises. He is pacing in front of Barry and the medium. The medium has drawn the circle which he cannot enter once more. This ‘Merlin’ figure has the look of youth, but then he suddenly drops the disguise and becomes his usual form – Aleister Crowley! He dominates the room and his head is bald; he is leaning into the circle and he’s very angry that the medium has redrawn the circle. He utters no words yet still he paces and stares. The medium asks: ‘is there a reason why this Ankh is broken?’
He wants the masculine part of the broken Ankh (T).
He wants the medium to offer the Ankh outside the circle.
The medium refuses and he accepts her refusal with a smirk!
(Crowley speaks directly to Barry):
‘There is a path you must follow which you have the key. You MUST listen unto me. There’s many things you’ve asked of me, but why have you not searched for them? This is my new Aeon and my year of anniversary. Today and tomorrow are special Holy Days. You must do work for them!’ (2004 is the hundredth anniversary of the Aeon of Horus and the writing of the Book of the Law; also 12th October is the anniversary of the birth of Crowley in 1875).

He points to Barry, then points to the medium and then to Himself:

2 1


‘Writing’ is inferred etc but not in words.
He says something about ‘dictating beyond the grave’.
He wants to know ‘have you not felt my presence?’
Barry answers ‘Yes’.
Crowley: ‘You have known!’
(Barry: I have to work for the answers. I have called Him.)
The Ankh has broken for a reason, to attract Barry’s attention: Broken Ankh/broken promise!

Osiris slain! T

Crowley is pointing towards Barry, in Osiris slain gesture – hands together in front of Him, which may be the Sign of the Enterer?
He is dressed in ordinary, everyday clothes; clothes don’t matter to Him!
Barry asks: ‘is there significance with the number 148?’
Crowley chuckles – Barry: of course I know!
Barry needs to do a ritual tomorrow. (12th October)
‘Rosemary’ came to the medium’s mind, the name and the herb.
Crowley pulled a red cloak from him and He appears quite grey and ashen. The cloak shows His grey image. He attempts to grasp the medium and the medium asks ‘why?’ He says ‘You know why!’
He then said ‘you are set to the path and both of you must follow!’ The medium has the Ankh placed upon her head and the energy is very strong. Crowley is standing in front of her, directing the energy towards her through the Ankh and through her head. He asked ‘do you like it?’
He says he will be back and ‘you don’t know when!’

The sitting ended at 1.09 A.M. on 12th October.

And so the presence that has been in constant visitation since Sunday 26th September is found to be none other than the Great Beast 666 – Aleister Crowley! The Beast refuses to leave and stays, much to the annoyance of the medium!
Barry performs the Star Ruby Ritual at 11.30 P.M. on Tuesday 12th October (the anniversary of Crowley’s birth in 1875) and on the following day the medium reports that ‘Aleister has been hanging around the flat again!’ and she is distressed by it.
The medium woke during the night of Friday 15th October to find Crowley’s presence once more in the bedroom. The next day a Tarot reading took place and on Thursday 21st October Barry’s mother spoke through the medium once more at 1. A.M. Three days later on Sunday 24th October the medium refused to sleep on her usual side of the bed (left hand side, nearest to the door) as the visiting entity distressed her and made it difficult to sleep. She later attended the London Spiritual Mission at 13 Pembridge Place, Bayswater, W2 4XB.
Both of Barry’s deceased parents came to the medium and spoke on Monday 25th October from 11.45 P.M. to 1.15 A.M, though G........ was a little reticent to communicate, leaving the talking to B......., which is his usual manner on visitation.
On Friday 12th November Barry and the medium use the I-Ching.
The medium went to the Spiritual Mission once more on Wednesday 24th November from 7.30-8.30 P.M. where a presence came forth for her through the visiting medium.


A different presence was felt in the flat on Tuesday 7th December and continued for some time, connected to the medium’s family as she is researching her ancestors.
The next day, the medium discovered that the presence that she felt sit on the bed while she was in it was her maternal grandmother.
During all this time various other phenomena were felt within the rooms from temperature changes and sudden blasts of air; smoky shadows in certain areas… a statue of Isis belonging to Barry being mysteriously ‘turned round’ to face a different direction; footsteps throughout the rooms were heard along with the moving of a table on several occasions. The rattling of a candle holder lantern which suddenly for no reason threw its plastic side panel to the floor and on trying to refit it found it almost impossible to put back. There was also many different ‘paranormal’ smells from tobacco and struck matches to roses and cooked bacon, which were all relevant to visitations and eventual communication.


The following year in 2005 phenomena continued but to a lesser degree. Barry assumed the energy created by the couple moving into the flat triggered certain other energies into effect and that some spirits were just ‘damn well nosey and wanted to see who was in the vicinity!’ This was sometimes inconvenient to the medium, but Barry always kept a welcome for the spirits, be they good or bad. On Sunday 16th January at 11.00 P.M. there was an Ouija/Planchette session lasting until 12.52 A.M. where contact was made with the mediums Great, Great Grandmother: Victoria Lucy C.........
On Friday 18th February from 12.00-3.30 A.M. an entity by the name of ‘Frank’ was contacted through the Ouija Board – there was a strong smell of burning rubber around the table. Another sitting took place on Friday 1st April from 11.50 P.M. to 1.40 A.M.
The medium did a ‘magical spell’ on Wednesday 11th May and later after the couple retired to bed at 12.30 A.M. strange noises were heard in the living room, as of things being moved and footsteps. The spirits were very active that night and the medium did not get much sleep!
On Saturday 18th June during a planchette session at 11.45 P.M. an ‘impostor’ posing as Barry’s mother Betty came through.
From 2 A.M. on Friday 8th July the medium insisted on the light being left on in the bedroom as spirit manifestations were occurring in the bedroom near the wardrobe, as shadowy forms, which disturbed her. The spirits often interfered with electrical appliances and the bedroom light was a favourite of theirs – this occurred and was noted in Barry’s diary for Monday 5th September at 12.10 A.M. to 1.30 A.M. The following day at midnight Barry’s mother and father were present and talked through the medium, saying that they had been with Barry most of the day. There was much worry for Barry’s brother D........ Barry’s father was there too but did not speak, as was his usual manner.
The medium attended the London Spiritual Mission on Wednesday 5th October from 7.30-8.30 P.M. and her Grandmother Kathleen S....... came through and also her Grandfather Rodger M.............
Another noisy night occurs on Sunday 30th October from 11.30 P.M. and once more the light has to be kept on, and so the year falls away with only minor disruptions.


2006 saw a more magickal turn of events! On Sunday 12th February Barry’s mother came through the medium once more at 1.20 A.M.
Barry set his ‘magickal altar’ on Monday 20th March and made his Invocation to Horus at 10.30 P.M. On Thursday 23rd March the medium had the spirit of Aleister Crowley present once more, near the wardrobe in the bedroom, sitting in a rocking chair and smiling at the medium – once again he refused to leave! The Beast returned again on Monday 14th August and disturbed the medium all night. The next day the medium says that Crowley has been here for the past few days, and the couple do a Tarot reading in the bedroom.
While the couple are away at Rottingdene, they both sensed the presence of ‘melancholy spirits’ on Sunday 20th August at Tudor Court on Dean Court Road, Rottingdene. At the couples return home on Saturday 26th August they are greeted with eight dead wasps in the entrance to the flat and then on Thursday 31st August Barry finds eight live wasps in the stairway hall outside the flat. On Friday 16th October at midnight a ‘presence’ is felt and the medium uses the pendulum which declares there are two spirits present, there is also the smell of struck matches which lingers for a long time.


More phenomena was to occur the following year in 2007 when Barry felt the need to set a ‘Seal of Abramelin’ over the entrance to the flat on Sunday 11th February (this was in reaction to a more physical threat than a spiritual one against the medium. The matter drew on for some time until it was eventually resolved).
A Tarot reading took place on Thursday 29th march between 12 and 12.45 A.M. Barry had asked a question concerning his magickal grade: ‘is it time to change grade and should I do it at Boleskine House?’ (Boleskine House on the shore of Loch Ness was once the home of Aleister Crowley where he practiced the sacred magic of Abramelin).
The Celtic cross was used for the reading and the cards turned were:
O. The Hermit.
1. The Knight of Pentacles (reversed).
2. The Queen of Wands (reversed).
3. IV of wands (reversed).
4. Ace of Wands (reversed).
5. The Star (reversed).
6. The Sun.
7. Page of wands.
8. VIII of Swords.
9. Ace of Pentacles.
10. Jupiter.

Earlier Barry had used the Holy Book – Liber Al vel Legis as an oracle and formed the sentence:

‘Beautifully fight, and world and he will rule!’

After the reading the room filled with strange smells of a ‘spiritual nature’ – the medium, smelling ‘struck matches’ asked why this was so and what did it mean. At 12.45 A.M. she fell to automatic writing and two presences, one named Harold, and the other a deceased relative of the medium named Elsie S......... came through. The medium continued but Barry retired to bed at 1.30 A.M.
The spirit named Harold returned again on Wednesday 18th April but the medium was too tired to connect with him.


On Wednesday 20th June the flat (known to Barry as his Temple and Sanctuary) was broken into. The Abramelin seal was intact and (to Barry’s knowledge) had prevented more damage and destruction than had occurred. The medium also believes that ‘some protection’ had manifested and caused the intruder or intruders to depart. There is a definite charge of energy throughout the rooms to which the couple intended to explore ‘spiritually’ on 22nd June but it was too late and they were too tired.
The occurrences seem to become less frequent and the next major phenomena occur on Sunday 18th November when a package of four kitchen rolls is ‘placed’ in the centre of the living room. It is normally kept on a shelf approximately two and a half feet from the floor but it was so obviously placed in the centre of the room as to cause attention. Barry was the first to awake and notice it but he said nothing thinking the medium had put it there for some strange reason. But on the medium seeing it she was as perplexed as her husband and it was obvious that some sort of ‘spiritual activity’ had occurred.
The next happening occurs on Sunday 9th December when the couple have retired to bed about 11.15 P.M. – at 11.40 P.M. there is a huge crashing sound and Barry thinks the flat is being broken into, along with his wife who with Barry rushes out of bed filling the air with obscene language as they realise the crashing has come from the bathroom! It appears that the mirror has ‘leapt off the wall’ and travelled a whole metre or so to the left to rest in pieces in the shower basin. It was as if it had been pushed by an unseen hand as a normal falling mirror would fall forwards and hit the sink before hitting the toilet, but the mirror went sideways. The medium had heard footsteps and the table moving in the living room prior to this incident which is recorded in Barry’s diary for 9th December.
The rest of the year was reasonably unadventurous, but the following year of 2008 began with a bang! On Monday 4th February (the date of Barry’s mother’s birthday) Barry heard two loud ‘knocks’ or bangs on the bedroom door at 5.17 A.M. He had awoken before it happened, curiously, as if he was meant to hear it. The medium had also complained of hearing the door ‘knocks’ previous to this. Barry later burnt some ‘rose’ incense as he usually does on the anniversary of his mother’s birth and death (4th February and 27th July). Phenomena slowly but surely continues!


There now follows a record of the sittings that took place during the first year of occupancy in 2004.

The first sitting took place on Saturday 7th February and present were the medium and Barry. It was the first experiment with automatic writing and Barry’s mother Betty came through the medium. It was a short letter form in a slow scrawl addressed to ‘Barry Van-Asten’ and went on to say ‘please be happy’ and went into a lot of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers.
Sitting number two was held on Monday 16th February and is printed above.
Sitting number three took place on Wednesday 18th February at midnight. Present at the sitting were the medium and Barry, (Planchette). As it can be seen the entity known as ‘Frank’ seems to be present throughout to cause disruption and waste the sitters time:

(Following certain phenomena indicating that a Ouija Board session was necessary – the medium had the word ‘Grandmother’ in mind, after ‘knocking’ was heard at 5.13 A.M. one morning this week which woke both the medium and Barry. Tonight, confirmation of a reading was given when Barry and the medium were talking about such phenomena when a noise was heard in the bathroom – a brush fell from its hanging by itself).

Is there a spirit present? Yes.
What is your name? Frank.
Are you a relative? No.
Are you here for a reason? CIVRNIOVIAQSZB.
Please make it clearer. IARCRKI.
Are you from this world? No.
Did you at any time live on earth in some form? Yes.
Are you an angel? RBK.
(The pointer indicates the Angel Uriel).
(Realising that the spirit is being mischievous they decide to end the sitting).
Thank you and depart etc.

The next sitting took place on the following day: Thursday 19th February at 1.15 A.M. – (Planchette).

After Barry is looking at some of the medium’s photographs of her family and ancestors Barry suddenly senses a presence in the room:
Are any spirits present? Yes.
How old are you? 72.
Are you male or female? IMRMROZ.
Is there anybody you know at this table? No.
Thank you and depart etc.
(They try again):
Are there any relatives who wish to contact us? Yes.
Are you male or female? IMRMRMRORKRLZR.
Leave in peace. Will not.
Bye bye.

Later the medium is looking at photographs belonging to Barry and she feels a link at 3 A.M. The sitting is then resumed at 3.10 A.M.

Are there any spirits present? Yes.
Are you male or female? ISHTGKIL.
What is your name? Frank.
What is your surname? RAIJRJRJRJ.
Do you know my mother H......? No.
Do you know anyone in my family? No.
Do you know anyone in Barry’s family? No.
Do you have a connection with this place? No.
Do you have family living today? No.
Were you human? No.
Were you animal? No.
Were you an insect? No.
Were you mineral? No.
Are you happy? No.
Is it something we’ve done? No.
Are you an angel? No.
Are you a demon? (No answer).
Are you here for a reason? No.
Are you here for fun? No.
Is there some attachment? No.
Do you want to talk to us? No.
Are you here to stop others getting through? No.
Are you an alien? No.
Thank you and goodbye.
(The sitting ends at 3.30 A.M.)

Sitting number four took place on Friday 20th February from 11.30 P.M.-2.10 A.M. and the medium used the pendulum and automatic writing. The results are printed above.
Sitting number five occurred on Thursday 4th March from 9.15 P.M.-11.30 P.M. The sitters used the Planchette and for incense tobacco flower and opium was burnt; also an ‘oceanus’ candle was burnt:

Is there any spirit present? (The pointer indicates the Guardian Angel).
Is this you? Yes.
What is your name? ELDFPHN.
Are there any more letters? (The pointer indicates the Guardian Angel).
Is this your name? Yes.
Is it a puzzle? No.
Are you my Guardian Angel? (Asked by the medium) Yes.
Is this your first name? Yes.
Have you lived before? Yes.
Have you contacted me before? Yes.
Have you lived less than ten lives? Yes.
When was the first contact? How many years ago? 1.
Did you contact me through L.......? Yes.
Were you the one who said you would smash my mirror? Yes.
Was one of your incarnations as my mother’s uncle? Yes.
Were you at any time in the Middle East in one of your lives? Yes.
Is it you who sends smoke to let me know you are here? Yes.
Did you used to smoke? Yes.
In your last life did you smoke? Yes.
How long ago did you die? 9.
Is that years? Yes.
Is there a reason why you are here tonight? Yes.
Do you have a message? Yes.
Can you spell it out for us? CALM TL.
Is L the letter you want? Yes.
Next letter please. C.
Any more letters? SHAWL.
Was the letter W meant to be there? Yes. W.
Is this a new word? Yes. RM.
Is that the letter you want? Yes. O.
Is this word a puzzle? Yes. RUYE.
(The Guardian Angel picture is indicated on more time).
(The medium then thought of the question: Is there any more?) Yes.
(The medium then thought the same question: Is there any more?) Yes.
Is DXN correct? Yes.
Are you female or male? Male.
U is this a word? No.
Is this a puzzle? Yes.
Are there any more letters? Yes. L(P)RAB.
(The medium thought of the question: Is this part of the same?) Yes. DT.
(How many more letters left? (Thought) 2. DG.
Are these initials for something? No.
Is it a word? Yes.
Is it more than one word? Yes.
How many words? 2.
Is it something to do with ‘doctor’? Yes.
Is it medical? Yes.
Is it the name of a drug? Yes.
Is it one I have tried? No.
Is it for my stomach? Yes.
Is the word ‘drug’ part of it? Yes.
What letter does it begin with? R.
Repeated question. V.
Repeated question. N.
What letter is the end word? D.
Is ‘lax’ part of the word? Yes.
What is the next letter? D.
Please spell the word – NAXD(KC)DB(F)LT.
Are there any more letters than before? 3. (KCF) U.
Please continue the message – CAN U B HAPPY
Is that a question? Yes.
Not at the moment – no I can’t. Y (as in ‘why’?)
Is there a possibility of change in my career? Yes.
Will I leave in months or weeks? W. (weeks).
How many weeks? 3.
Will I get an interview? Yes.
Will they contact me within the week? 1. Yes.
Shall I ask any more questions concerning my employment and future? No.
Is there anything else you need to say? No.
Thank you. WELCOME.
The sitting ends at 11.30 P.M.

The message from Eldfphn seemed to read:

Calm, TLC, shawl, worry u me.
Nest here u r loved. What else?
Doctor no drug.
Can u b happy?
(The medium answered ‘not at the moment I can’t’)
U can do everything!