Monday, 22 June 2009

Sudanenka - Part Ten




And Death's laughter rang throughout the abyss as Sudanenka took the last remaining coin from the pyramid box, rolling it in his fingers and casting some enchantment over it. And he hurled it along the road, towards the gates of the palace. The coin grew in size and speed, doubling its diameter with each revolution until it grew far beyond the clouds in height. And it thundered into the palace, bringing down the stone walls of the damned, sealing its horror for evermore. And a radiant light shone forth over the abyss, and the air was silent of screams, and the trees did begin to blossom once more; and the birds dared once again, to open their beaks and sing!


1. Beyond Salvation Lies The Fool. (refers to The Tarot).
2. Camel: Ship of the Desert.
3. L.V.X. Light in Extension.
4. OT - The Egyptian Ankh, symbol of Life.
5. N.O.X. The Night of Pan in the City of the Pyramids.

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