Monday, 16 March 2009

Unquiet Ghosts - Part II

By Barry Van-Asten


The next sitting took place on Friday 5th March from 11.45 P.M.-1.15 A.M. and the medium used automatic writing. The entity contacted who called himself ‘Anthony Myers’ was a particularly nasty spirit. He gives his age as 90 and that his years upon earth were from 1890-1980. He then goes on to say ‘I want your life! Your voice – select, your choice… You are chosen – you’re fucked!’ Then the spirit turns quite nasty and is abusive towards the medium, when she asks ‘why me?’ he replies: ‘For opening your legs’, and he then goes on to say ‘only you can decide’. There is then a lot of talk about having ‘sex magic’ which he is very enthusiastic about and he is reluctant to leave and the sitting is terminated at 1.15 A.M. but there is a sense that he has not left. On this occasion Barry had to resort to a Banishing Ritual using his magical sword and a good dose of ‘consecrated’ salt!
Sitting number seven took place on Thursday 1st April at 11.50 P.M. and was an Ouija Board session.

Are there any spirits present? Yes.
Do you know one of us? Yes.
Are you family? Yes.
Is it Barry’s family? (No answer).
Is it Aimee’s family? S.
(Question repeated) Yes.
What is your name? PAVATJL. (Yes then indicated).
Please re- spell your name. (No answer).
Are you still here and do you want to communicate? Yes.
(The medium senses a male spirit but he is reluctant to speak).
Did you send us a smell? JASJ.
I do not understand. (Yes then indicated).
Do you have a connection to the J....... family? Yes.
Was it during the nineteenth century? 1. Yes.
What year were you born? 1754.
What year did you die? 182_ (Yes then indicated when the medium mentioned Parish records) 1. [1821].
Are you John’s father? Yes.
Will I find your birth and death in C............. Parish records? (No answer).
Are you John’s Grandfather? Yes.
Are you a J.......? Yes.
Are there records of you in C............? Yes.
What is your first name? J(3)ALTAJ (Yes then indicated).
Are you not very good at English? Is this phonetic spelling? Yes.
Is your name John? Yes.
Did you have a shortening for your name? Yes.
Please spell it. JCK (Yes then indicated).
How many children did you have? 5.
Which order was John? 2.
How many boys were there? 3.
How many girls were there? 2.
Was the first child a boy or a girl? B. [Boy].
Who came after John – number three? G. [Girl].
Who was number four? B. [Boy].
Who was number five? G. [Girl].
Were they all alive before you died? Yes.
When did you get married? 175_
Marriage not birth – did you get married? Yes.
At what age did you get married? 21. [1775]. Yes.
(The spirit lingered on the number seven previously when giving the date of his marriage but the number seven was not taken as definite by Barry and medium which it should have been – The date of the wedding is therefore 1775).
What are the initials of your wife? BS……J.
Is ‘J’ part of the initials? Yes.
Was her name Beatrice? Yes.
How many more generations of the J........ family can I find? 2.
1700-1710? Yes.
What is the earliest date of birth for the J....... family I can find? 1714.
Are you tapping? Yes.
Were they in C..............? Can the records be found there? Yes.
What was your job? BOJOJNV.
Do you know how to spell this? Yes.
Did you work on the land? No.
Did you work in town? Yes.
Did you provide a service? Yes.
Were you a blacksmith? No.
Were you a bootmaker/cobbler? No.
Did you work in the brewery? No.
Were you a cooper? No.
Were you a builder? Yes.
Were you a bricklayer? Yes.
Were you a ‘bodger’? Yes.
Did you send us a smell earlier? Yes.
Is your wife here? Yes.
Is she very pretty? Yes. (The medium sensed the spirit laughing at this). Yes.
When did your wife die? 1829.
How old was she when she got married? 20.
Was she born in 1755? Yes.
Did they all stay in C............. (except John)? Yes.
Thank you for coming… etc
(The sitting ended at 1.40 A.M.)

The next sitting (number eight) occurred on Friday 9th April at 10 P.M. after Barry did a ‘Banishing Ritual’ to cleanse the working area. The Ouija Board was used.

Are there any spirits present? (The indicator pointed towards a piece of human bone Barry had collected from St Mary’s Cemetery where the couple had been that day, and which was deliberately placed on the table). The indicator then pointed to the Angel Raphael.
NF(4). Yes. BSOV. (N.O.).
Is Raphael moving this? No. 4.
Is this an Angel? GUI (pause) DE U (The indicator points to the Guardian Angel).
Is this for Barry? Yes. (The indicator pauses over the number one).
Do you have a name? D(P).
Are these your initials? No.
Is your name a riddle? Yes.
Have you finished? No.
How many more letters are there? 5.
Next letter please. FVVA.
Can you help us to make it easier? 3.
Next letter please. I.
Are you here to help? No.
We need to understand. Q4.
Are you here in any magical capacity? Yes.
Are you my Guardian Angel? (Meaning the medium's Guardian Angel). (Raphael is indicated).
Have you pointed to Raphael? Yes.
Are you Raphael? (Gabriel is indicated).
Please answer the question with either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. No.
Is this Barry’s Guardian Angel? (Michael is indicated).
Please continue. (Raphael is indicated).
Please continue. EGPUIYTFU.
How many letters are left? 9.
Is it one word? No.
How many words are there? 4.
Please continue. PWHIJALMT….M.
Have you finished? Yes.
Is there any meaning to the letter ‘M’ final? No.
Is there any more? Yes.
Do we need to work out the words before continuing? Yes.
Do we need to use all the letters you have given to make four words? (Guardian Angel indicated).
Is ‘Egypt’ one of the four words? (Guardian Angel indicated).
Are you wasting our time? No.
(The question is repeated). 5.
Yes or No? Yes.
Is it the first, second, third or fourth word? (Raphael indicated followed by Guardian Angel, then the number ‘four’).
Is Egypt the fourth word? Yes.
Are all the letters to be used? No.
Do any of the other words have a name in them? Yes. (Michael indicated).
Does the name come first, second or third? 2.
Is the name Philip? Yes.
Can letters be used more than once? Yes.
Do we have any other relevant words written down? Yes.
Is the word ‘Law’? Yes.
Is it first or third? 1.
Is ‘wilt’ the other word? Yes.
Is what we have then correct: Law Philip Wilt Egypt? Yes.
Do I have to take the ‘Law’ to Egypt? (Asked by Barry). No.
Does Barry have to learn something from the Law then go to Egypt? (Guardian Angel indicated).
Are you Barry’s Guardian Angel, to guide and protect and find something in the ‘Law’ that will help him go to Egypt? Yes.
What chapter of the Law? 3.
Can we know your name? JENDY FIRAD.
Is this your full name? Yes.
Is there two names there? Yes.
Is Jendy your first name? Yes.
Is Firad your second name? Yes.
Are you male? Yes.
Are you/were you Egyptian? Yes.
Is anything going to happen tomorrow? Yes.
Is it going to happen to Barry? Yes.
Was I meant to meet P.........? (Asked by Barry in reference to a meeting with a certain Adept named P........ in Northampton). Yes.
Is it a good thing that will happen? Yes.
Is Horus happy with the Law of Thelema as it is? Yes.
Is its following to grow soon? Yes.
Within the next fifty years? (Hesitant).
More than the next fifty years? Yes.
At what Thelemic date in years? 148. (2052).
Is there any more to say to us tonight? Yes.
In how many years is Barry to go to Egypt? 2.
Is this all for tonight? Yes.
When Barry/Philip calls your name will you come if needed? Yes.
How old are you? 97.
Did you ever meet Aleister Crowley? Yes.
Was it while you were both alive? Yes.
In what year did you meet him? 08. (1908).
How old were you at the time? 24.
When were you born? 1885.
Were you born in the spring of 1885? Yes.
Did you meet Crowley in the spring of 1908? Yes.
Was it in Cairo? No.
Were you in China? No.
Where was it? ENGLAND.
Thank you and go in peace… etc. Yes.
(The sitting ended at 12.05 A.M.)

Sitting number nine took place on Saturday 17th April and began at 11.15 P.M. Present with Barry and the medium was also Mr D....... P...... Previous to the Ouija Board session the medium sensed a ‘female’ spirit present.
Do you wish to speak to someone here? Yes.
What is the initial of the person you wish to speak to? A.
Are you a relative? Yes.
What is your name? (A) BGXEB.
Is this your name? E. (Guardian Angel indicated).
Please give us your name in full. IWAHNS.
How old are you? 40.
Are you a relative of my present life? No.
How many lifetimes ago? 6.
Was this in another country? Yes.
Are you from the Americas? No.
Are you from Asia? Yes.
Are you from the Middle East? No.
Are you from China? No.
Are you from Japan? No.
Are you from India? Yes.
Are you from Northern India? Yes.
Do you have a message for me? I (D) NIHNIDI.
Is this correct? Yes. (Referring to ‘Hindi’). KYJCRNUCMD.
Is ‘M............’ part of the message? (A person known to the medium who is Indian and lives in India) Yes. HTO.
Is this the word ‘Hot’? Yes.
How many more words are there? 9.
Is this words? Yes. GOD.
Is this the next word? Yes. I ARNOM.
Are there more letters? Yes. UETG.
Is the word ‘Get’? Yes. 2.
Do you wish to write it? No. AIMEE PMT WILL OHTEL.
Is this the word ‘Hotel’? Yes. QUEUE U QUITE ILL BESIESD 1 RITGISITHELP.
Is the word ‘Right’? Yes. HE KILLING SID VISVIIWDS.
Is this a word? Yes.
Is it finished? No. BGO(A)IMOEU.
Is this the last word? Yes.
Is there any more to add? Yes. OOIBHNCH.
Is there more than one word here? Yes. BYBE.
Are you finished? Yes.
(The sitting ended at 12.30 A.M.)

The next sitting (number ten) was on Wednesday 28th April and began at 12.15 A.M. Incense and music was used and the first method was the pendulum.

Is a spirit present in the room? Yes.
Is it of a friendly nature? Yes.
Does it want to talk to someone present here? Yes.
Were you here yesterday and the previous day? Yes.
Did you knock the magnet off the fridge? No.
Did a spirit knock the magnet off the fridge? Yes.
Do you know who this spirit is? Yes.
Was the spirit who knocked the magnet of a good nature? Yes.
Have you come to see Barry? No.
Have you come to see Aimee? Yes.
Are you my Guardian Angel? Yes.
Is there a reason why you have come? Yes.
Is there another way you would like to communicate? (Other than the pendulum) Yes.
Do you want me to hold an Angel card? Yes.
Do you want me to write? Yes.
(The medium then used the pendulum over the Angel cards: Guardian Angel and Zedkiel are chosen).
Are you the same Guardian Angel that came before? Yes.
Is your name Iwahns? Yes.
Are you here to help me? Yes.
Is there a reason I chose the Zedkiel card? Yes.
Is Zedkiel watching over me? Yes.
Do you want me to pick up the Guardian Angel card? No.
Do you want me to pick up the Zedkiel card? Yes.
Is Zedkiel present now? Yes.
(The room becomes very cold and the heater has to be turned on at 12.35 A.M.)
What shall I do? – Do you want me to meditate on the Zedkiel card? Yes.
Do you want me to read the prayer on the card? Yes.
How often and how many times: Once? Yes. Twice? No. Thrice? No.
By reading the prayer will it bring the Angel forward? Yes.
Is he here for a reason? Yes.
Will you (directed to the Guardian Angel) be present when the prayer is read? Yes.
Will he (Zedkiel) speak to me? Yes.
(The medium read the prayer aloud at 12.40 A.M.)
Is Zedkiel here now? Yes.
Does he want me to meditate on the card? Yes.
Is the Guardian Angel still here? Yes (in the background).
(Zedkiel comes forward – the medium meditates upon the card and there is a change of temperature on the medium’s right hand side. It becomes very cold, like a strong breeze blown upon her).
The medium then falls into a trance and a series of automatic writing begins, what is written at the end of the sitting at 1.22 A.M. is what follows:

Do as you will, not as others. Keep strong and you will grow in strength. Tell the truth as it is and not as you(‘ve) seen it. The truth you will have forever. Believe on what you wish no(t) as others. (The writing then becomes a little undecipherable). Be … I will guide you. I will guard you and you will be still within.
Time will change and you will see… I, our, we and thee... You are not a spirit, an soul, an entity. I am close by; I am always close by till the end of time.
Goodbye, goodbye, until next time.
Just call my name and read my prayer… read my prayer.

Sitting number eleven was held on Monday 3rd May after a spirit was sensed in the rooms at 9.45 P.M. After Barry read aloud Crowley’s ‘Hymn to Pan’ and then read the Enochian 19th Key from ‘Liber XXX Aerum vel Saeculi being the angels of the thirty aethyrs The Vision and the Voice’ as preliminary invocations, the couple went for a walk and returned at 10.25 P.M. During the sitting which took place at 10.25 P.M. the medium used a pendulum and at 10.55 P.M. the medium fell into a trance and Barry took notes on her vision which she described to him:

I am situated in a pyramid and Barry is also present. There are separate rooms in the pyramid which is entered at ground level. In the middle of a stone floored and stone walled room is a table which is a tomb-like oblong stone box. The room is dimly lit with a candle. There is writing on the wall (hieroglyphics) and Barry is by himself looking at the wall. I am present but he cannot see me, I am not visible. In one corner appears the God Anubis, black headed with a human body; part God and part human; a God of mystical powers. He appears more human-like and masked. He knows information (?). Barry is wearing ordinary everyday clothes then at intervals he is seen in a white, sort of toga-like costume of Egyptian origin. Anubis is guiding Barry into another room. The floor of this room is of sand and it is smaller than the previous room. Barry appears aghast, not at Anubis but at the room and the difference from the previous room; the light and atmosphere are completely different and incense is burning. Barry is standing at one end and at the other end are three persons, seated on a dais with candles around them at the sides (one is seated in the centre on the highest step with the two others at each side on the same step at the same level). The people look different but the same i.e. like a family. One is female in traditional dress with fur and a man is amongst them, possibly related, but there is a connection between the male and the female; they are of equal standing. There are two guards on either side holding spears and facing each other (both can see Barry):

Male Female Male
(3 persons on dais, one possibly a young boy)

Guard Guard


I entered by curiosity and now there is a sudden importance upon me. The woman in the middle of the dais says or gestures to Barry that he should come forward. Barry is hesitant but wants to go forward. The woman is not all she appears to be (she can change her form although she is now in human/female form). Her face changes from a young and beautiful woman and she assumes the shape of a bird of prey. She is speaking and Anubis stands by the doorway as a guard. I am now seeing through Barry’s eyes and Barry is speaking and listening to the female figure. Barry knows her, she is familiar to him. I free myself from Barry’s body and fly into the air to view Barry from the female’s angle. I am behind her chair (in the space between the wall and the chair) and I stand behind her stone throne. There is a symbol carved into the back of her stone chair, a circle with a line from the centre of the circle drawn down past the circumference, like a tilted letter ‘Q’.
Barry realises who the female is. They are family; the woman has more importance/authority, even though the male and female are equal; she has more to say. I am unable to see the faces of the men; I only see the female face which is clear. Her partner is on her right as she faces Barry and on her left is a young boy. I am still unobserved behind the woman.
On the young boy’s chair there is a symbol: a circle with a triangle inside and overlapping this is a pentagram. There may be something in the centre of the triangle. On the other chair where the man is seated there is a triangle with a circle inside it. There is possibly ‘an eye’ in the centre of the circle, but this symbol is not as strong as the others.
Barry has now moved closer to the female and climbed up five steps of the dais (there are six steps in total). The female hands Barry a short crook. He is unable to touch her; his hands/palms are upwards as he receives the gold and blue striped crook. It is metallic and quite heavy; not precious to look at but it is an important symbol. I then hear the words: ‘You must come back!’ spoken by the female.
The man and the young boy are equal, yet different. The boy is her son. The males speak through the females. Barry has to ‘protect’ something [protect the boy while still young]. Above the female is a circle or disc which represents the sun, carved into the wall.
I then hear the words: ‘Go now!’ spoken by the female.
Anubis is by the door, beckoning Barry towards him. He goes over and Anubis leads him out to the other room (ante chamber). Barry looked at one of the guards before returning to Anubis and the guard (situated on my right) disintegrated into dust. Then all was changed and the figures were no longer there. I felt that Barry had to anoint/bathe himself in the River Nile, five times and drink five mouthfuls. Barry has a large pot and is pouring it over himself. But Barry must be careful of what he cannot see as crocodiles dwell in the Nile. Barry has the crook still which he holds in his hands. He stands at a crossroads and there is a left and right turn and a road forwards – he must choose!
(The vision ends at 11.40 P.M.)
Later that night as the couple are in bed the medium feels the presence of Crowley in the room from 1.10-1.50 A.M.

Sitting number twelve took place on Wednesday 22nd June at 10.40 P.M. and like the previous sitting involved the medium entering into a trance and vision:

Your scarlet woman is before you.
You have done well.
The secrets will be unveiled.
While the sun sets in the west,
It will always rise in the east.

Take the name and add by numbers [Winchester, possibly in Latin; there is a connection with Merlin and the round table].
Ancient City; ancient grounds…
There is no such thing as chance but chance.
There are many scribes available to you that are working in your favour.
Question – Have you read your dreams?
The sun won’t rise in the east until you have.
The medium then goes down a tunnel, led by a light and appears in a stone room. She is surprised to see on her right hand side a doorway. She sees a figure, his bottom half is male and his upper parts are that of the hawk. He is alive, yet unreal, as if he is made of gold. There is also some blue upon the front of the head (face). He blinks and looks directly at the medium. No words are spoken but it feels as if he expected her to be there and he is welcoming her. The medium felt as if she were being watched and that she had done wrong and was being judged, and if found guilty he would eat her. There is a stone tomb or corridor with torches burning and the smell of frankincense. The medium feels as if she is to find something and explore. He continues watching her and she must go forward.
He wields a staff and she gives the sign of the enterer. He then appears less threatening.
He touches the medium on the left shoulder with his staff and he points with the staff straight ahead, down an archway along a corridor.
The medium feels a little afraid and has to look behind her. He watches her as she walks. (At this point the medium physically cry’s during the sitting). She feels alone and something is preventing her from going too far forward. The Hawk is angry at the medium for not going further forwards. The sign of the enterer is given by the medium. There are doorways and an arch which is not an arch but a corridor with something behind it… Perhaps Anubis is on the medium’s left hand side behind an arch! There are seats on either side of the corridor, like a theatre – [Hall of Judgement – Maat]. A meeting place… Anubis has a black jackal head; just the head as his body is human and male. Anubis points the medium in the right direction forward. There is a series of arches along the corridor to pass through. There are two doorways on the left and right between each arch. The medium draws the pentagram to help her pass by an arch.
She sees a man, wizard-like and innocent in appearance, take off his hat and reveal his bald head. He seems to be in disguise and not what he appears to be. He is mischievous and hiding something; there is an eerie feeling and he offers the medium a cup; a red cup or chalice (large goblet) gold and ruby in colour with large jewels upon it. It appears to be wine and he is eager for the medium to drink it but she doesn’t want to. He is tempting her but it may be blood; he drinks it to prove himself – drink to give clarity!
If the medium does not drink it then the adept PAAA does not progress forward.
Horus/Anubis there is a choice – birth/death; choose to live or die! It is the medium’s decision! (Both are watching from afar). The man seems to have more authority than even Horus and Anubis!
The man says: ‘which way is it to be – darkness or light?’
The man is actually Aleister Crowley in disguise.
The medium then says: ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law’.
The man appears surprised but did not reply. He then said: ‘Do you know who I am?’ And the medium replies: ‘Yes, I believe so’.
The man (Crowley) says: ‘Why did you say these words when you are not a believer?’ He then becomes more aggressive: ‘You are not his, he is mine!’
The medium then says: ‘Why are you dressed like that?’ (Like a wizard)
Crowley: ‘Isn’t it how you would think a magician would appear?’ (Crowley’s appearance is that of old age). There are two doorways behind Crowley and he is in the middle. The medium must decide which way to go if she refuses to drink from the cup. Crowley tries to draw her towards him and the medium avoids eye contact. But why is he putting her through this test? The cup is not full of wine but blood! The medium is the key! She is PAAA’s skryer and without her he (PAAA) cannot see. [Horus can either be your protector or your avenger!]. The medium must physically drink from PAAA's Magickal Cup which has consecrated water within it and was used in this actual Ritual previous to the vision beginning. This she does. Crowley is smiling and it is not a nice smile, it is secretive.
The medium chooses the doorway on the left after Crowley said choose the right! Crowley looked at her before and raised an eyebrow. The medium had the cup in her hand and she felt she must give the rest of the water to PAAA. The corridor is dark and the medium came to a cliff face and can’t return – skeletons were beyond the door that she entered, hanging by their necks.
The cup she holds in the vision is like a doorway and it is full of protective red liquid. The medium sees PAAA in the cup in a black robe. In the robe PAAA makes the gesture of the enterer and ‘Osiris slain’ in the liquid. PAAA physically drinks of the water in the Magickal Cup. Anubis and Horus point to the sun as the medium stands on the cliff, before PAAA drank the water. The medium jumped and plunged into a river; on surfacing she saw PAAA on the bank and he drank from the cup. Now the surroundings change to green fields and the vision ends!
(The vision ended at midnight).

Sitting number thirteen took place on Saturday 31st July at 1. A.M. and was an Ouija Board sitting. There is little remarkable about the sitting until the medium switches to automatic writing:
Is there a spirit present? Yes.
Are you someone we know? (The indicator does not move from the ‘yes’).
Are you here to talk to one of us? (Again the indicator does not move from the ‘yes’).
Are you here to talk to Barry? (No answer).
Is there anyone still here? No.
Is there anyone wishing to contact us tonight? Yes.
What is your name? EVOP. Yes. T.
Have you finished spelling your name? Yes.
Are you a spirit? Yes.
How old are you? 94.
Is that 94 years as a spirit? No.
Is this the age when you died? Yes.
Are you an old soul? Yes.
Are you here to tell us anything? Yes.
Is it directed to me (the medium)? No.
Is it for Barry? (No answer).
Barry asks: Have you come to give me information? Yes.
Barry then asks: What is the information? TVLJGDMT(Y)KUZ4RJZAYWBWSWJMX.
Will you answer to Barry? Yes.
The sitting ends at 1.45 A.M. and then the medium uses a different method, that of automatic writing; the message that appears reads:

Is there anybody there? Yes.
What is your name? Barry.
Are you here to talk to Barry? Yes.
And the message continues: Please be good. Help her. Life is not worth much to her. You have powers, use magick, you’re greater than you are. Wiser than your words: a great man to be. Strength and honesty are your guides. I am your helper.
Are you a magician? Yes. I am of the highest order. You w… ….. You are better than you know you are.
What grade am I? You have much work to complete. Zelator is obu. You are a wing. I’m here to call.
(The message ends at 2.45 A.M.)

Sitting number fourteen took place on Monday 11th October and is described in the previous chapter ‘The Great Beast’.
The next sitting (number fifteen) occurred on Monday 25th October at 11.45 P.M. First the incense was lit (sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh) then the medium used a ‘grounding ceremony’ by stimulating the chakkras and ‘earthing’ herself. Previous to beginning the medium senses the presence of between four and five spirits. At midnight the sitting began proper when the medium entered her vision state:

A male presence to the medium’s right side is pointing towards Barry who is on the medium’s left side. He is old and has grey short hair. He seems fragile and is balding on top of his head. Another male presence that is older and well dressed is also with us. He is well spoken and may be related (perhaps a Grandparent on a maternal side); he smells dusty like an ‘antique’. A younger male points towards the physical door (it may be Barry’s father as possibly Barry’s mother is present). Barry and the medium hold hands in the physical to create a link. Barry’s mother is asking why Barry is so ill. There is an elderly woman also present. Barry’s mother says: ‘You knew I was there!’
She feels frustrated with Barry and wants to talk to him at a ‘Spiritualist Church’. She can’t believe he went into a church! ‘Why now?’ she says. ‘I don’t like you doing that ‘’devil worshipping’’’. Here the medium asks about finances – it appears she needs to wait longer and Barry’s mother seems to think the medium has led him astray. The medium gets the image of a baby, dark haired and new born. Barry asks: ‘What time was I born? – 11.20 P.M. She wants the ring to get a stronger link and Barry says he will use it next time! Time of birth is then given as 12.20 A.M. (not 11.20) and she says he was a ‘bastard to deliver!’ She misses Barry and says he shouldn’t remember her how she was at the end. The medium saw Barry wearing his mother’s ring and she held it too. Barry’s mother feels sad that she can’t take care of him like she used to and be affectionate. She says he looked lovely at the wedding and Aimee was lovely too. She says they both look right together! She was glad that Barry’s brother D........ turned up too but why wasn’t there an extra space at the top table for him? She wants D.......... to know about her, that she is in communication etc. Barry’s father seems puzzled that D........ keeps changing his address. He is shaking his head and Barry’s mother seems to think she needs to take D........ in hand – will he ever grow up? She doesn’t like Crowley; she doesn’t like it affecting Aimee. She mentioned the medium Gordon Smith and that Aimee is meant to meet him!
(The sitting ended at 1.20 A.M.)

Sitting number sixteen, the final sitting for the year 2004, took place on Wednesday 8th December. Sandalwood incense was burnt and candles and so began a sitting using the pendulum at 11.55 P.M.

There is a female present. She is elderly with long grey hair (half her hair is tied up and the rest is down).
Is there a spirit present? Yes.
Is it a woman? Yes.
Are any other spirits here? Yes.
Do I know you (meaning the medium)? No.
Is there a family connection? Yes.
Are you connected to my family (the mediums)? No.
Have any of my Grandmothers been here in the past week (the mediums)? Yes.
Is it on my mother’s side? Yes. (The medium’s Grandmother visited during the week).
Did she sit on my bed? Yes.
Are you English? No.
Are you Irish? No.
Are you Scottish? No. (Small ‘no’).
Do you have anything to do with Barry? Yes.
(The medium sensed her standing near to Barry dressed in nightwear).
She seemed hesitant on the Scottish link – perhaps she is a Grandmother on Barry’s father’s side).
Are you Clara Beatrice? Yes.
Are you here to help? Yes.
In what year did you get married? Towards end of the year 1918.
What month? December, Christmas time, aged 21.
Were you married in England? No. (This is incorrect).
Were you born in 1897? Yes.
Were you born in England? Yes.
Did you get married in France? No.
Did you meet my Grandfather in Holland? Yes. (Unlikely).
Were you there on a trip? Yes.
Was he attached to the War? Yes.
Was he a fighting soldier? No.
Was he behind the trenches doing clerical work? Yes.
Was he literary, reading and writing? Yes. (Strong yes).
Did you get married in Scotland? Yes. (Incorrect).
Did your parents know? Yes.
Were they happy? No.
Were you pregnant? No.
Where in Holland was J....... from – North west.
Is it Amsterdam? Yes.
Did J...... die in 1966? Yes. (Incorrect).
Did you meet the same year that you got married in 1918? Yes.
(They met early in the year before the War finished; John was in uniform, on leave).
Were you doing research in Holland? Yes.
Was it art? Yes.
Van Gogh? Yes.
Were you a commissioned artist? Yes.
(She was there a few weeks or a month and kept in touch).
Did John come over to England? Yes.
Was it after the war? Yes.
Is anything incorrect? Yes.
25th as a date in November, John came over and they were married a month later.
Does Barry have a photograph of you? Yes.
Towards the end of your life were you in a wheelchair? No.
Grandfather present now and photographs are produced. J........ says that his father was stern, (a photo is held by the medium – taken in Holland supposedly as J......’s father never came to England).
He felt distant to his father; G......... was the same, distant to him.
Clara was independent.
Was Clara born in Birmingham? Yes.
In Edgbaston? Yes.
She was from a middle class, smallish family. J....... was more working class thus the conflict. She broke links with her family; they disowned her!
Was Clara religious? Yes.
Was she a Christian? Yes.
Her Parents were more religious.
Were her parents English? Great Grandfather S......... was Irish and Mother was English – Northern Ireland – Protestant. Mother was quiet.
(The sitting ends at 1.35 A.M. and Barry is very sceptical about the information gained during this sitting. It is also the last sitting for the year 2004).

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